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McFarland, USA Teen Review

We attended a screening as a guest of Disney

Go get your running shoes and run to the nearest movie theater to go watch the true story of McFarland! Jim White, a sports teacher who has to move around a lot because of every time he gets fired, moves to a little town called McFarland and gets a job at the high school there.


As a week goes by, Jim starts to notice two things; One: there is no McFarland Cross-Country team. Two: McFarland has lots of good runners. So Jim goes to the principle with his idea. (To start a cross-country team) The principle of McFarland High is fine with it as long as Jim can put together a team. So he does, but it takes a while to make the team.


Jim practices the team. Then he takes them to their first match. They keep practicing and practicing until they go to the qualification match to go compete for the best of the state. I would recommend this movie for other children around 12 and up. I recommend this movie to kids around this age because if they were any younger, they really wouldn’t understand much of what happens in this movie. This movie has drama, and sports action, and maybe some comedy sprinkled around in the movie here and there. What I like most about the movie is that the movie projects to the audience that champions can be made out of anybody.


Guitar playing, scooter riding, OC surfer boy. Andrew is a mad scientist middle schooler by day and an avid reader by night.
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