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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Meaningful Gifts to Surprise Your Mom With

There are chances there is a mom in your life, be it the woman who raised you in your teen years, the person giving you mother love, or a new person to the whole thing. All mothers deserve the best. However, you may have a tough time finding a special gift for your mother because it’s hard to know the specific things that your mother may need since if you ask, the answer may be nothing. That’s why the below thoughtful and unique gifts can be a surprise to your mom since they are bound to bring a smile.


It can be considered a great choice if you need to give your mom something to be treasured for a long time. Some of the basic items, such as necklaces or bracelets, can be versatile as they are also easy to find at great prices. The items can also be worn with any outfit. If you need something that is a bit more thoughtful that you can gift your mother, maybe on valentine’s day, you can consider different Valentine’s Day gifts like purchasing a pair of earrings or a beautiful necklace.

Besides, you can ask the jeweler if there’s a possibility of engraving them with some beautiful words as it can be considered a special gift. The best thing, in this case, is that you can find jewelry stores in most stores. You need to ensure you get a warranty for what you choose because it can be easier to find the jewelry shop if anything happens.

Personalized Handwriting Cuff Bracelets

This bracelet can be a good gift since it can turn handwriting into a wearable piece of art and be considered a personalized gift. You can pick a metal, then supply a photo of the things you’d like the bracelet to say, and then prepare for the surprise.

Fireside Shearling Slide

These slip-slides are made out of some sheepskin, and they can keep your mother warm from the ground. The durable rubber sole they have may handle the outside elements, as they can help your mom walk to the mailbox or ahead of the coffee shop without worrying.

Family Portrait

If you want to keep that family vibe, this custom print may start depicting some of the essential people in your mother’s life, and it can get displayed with pride. You can start by selecting patterns and colors that match the living room and room decor.

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

When your mother sees this, the chances of feeling happy are high because of the birthday flower kit. It can be considered a symbolic and sentimental gift that allows your mom to start growing some of the special florals effortlessly and calmly.

Customized Desk Photo Calendar

Getting your mom a desk calendar may add decorative touches to the desk. It can display photos for all the family members, especially the ones considered precious. The calendar can be a good gift also because it can be a reminder of the special memories with special people.

Handwritten Cutting Board Recipe

The recipe can be one that you always cook, and your mother loves it particularly. In this case, ensure the recipe has been transferred towards an attractive wooden cutting board. Then it can get printed directly from a handwritten one to a board as it can make a beautiful and thoughtful birthday gift.

Lavender Heat Pillows

Getting your mom calming lavender hot pillows filled with lavender and barely will help in creating a relaxing and soothing experience. You can also give your mother-in-law this gift, and it can get popped in the microwave for a minute, and then your mom can drape it around the shoulders of the neck. It helps in soothing any pains and aches experienced from a long day.

Throw Pillow Covers

You may have a mom that loves changing up the house decor. In that case, the throw pillow covers can be an ideal gift since the pillows can be a reminder of love even when you’re not around.

Self-Care Subscription Box

Self-care can be a good gift, and here, you can consider signing up your mom for a monthly subscription that will cater for the skin and soul-soothing products. With the six to eight wellness goodies in the self-care subscription, the box may also have a happiness activity that can help your mom and the current routine happening towards the next level.

Scented Candles

Your mom may never have many candles, and getting extra more won’t harm you. In cases where the candles are pretty, they can also be considered home decor. With notes like a golden husk, some corn silk, and a hood water lily, the candle smells fresh as it’s also dreamy.

An Alarm Clock with Light

Most moms work hard, and they tend to wake up early in most cases. However, just because your mother wakes up before the sun starts to rise doesn’t necessarily mean being awakened to the alarm clock that is disturbing. Gifting your mom the light alarm clock can help display time since it also has some customizable sounds that can help wake up while feeling rested and ready to face the day.

Pampering Gift Set

If you’re looking for a pampering gift set for your mom, start with the best one, for instance, revitalizing grapefruit, as it can also make a thoughtful present during your mom’s birthday. The gift consists of sesame oils and avocado, which are considered as skin-nourishing ingredients. The set also has a lip balm and even a shower steamer.

Weekend Trip

If there is somewhere you feel like going for a weekend getaway to unwind; then you can tag along with your mom. The weekend trips can also be a good gift for Mother’s Day since they give both of you a lot of bonding time. So, in this case, you need to ensure your mom enjoys the trip and make sure nothing is stressing both of you. You can ask the rest of the family members for the best suggestion, or you can consider reading reviews to help find fancy places and affordable ones. Don’t forget to consider family-friendly places like the national park.

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