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Meaningful Jewelry You Can Pass On

Family heirlooms and heritage gifts are an excellent way of keeping some family history. Passing something down from generation to generation is also a great way to remember. So not only will you remember previous family history, but the memory of a recently passed loved one too. And the great thing is meaningful jewelry doesn’t need to be expensive either.

Family Rings

Rings are among the most purchased jewelry items today. They are used to symbolize marriage, offer love and signify your date of birth according to specific stones. Further, you can use a ring to show your friendship. The Claddagh Irish ring is a perfect example of a meaningful ring with an intricate design. Rigs with meaning can be as simple as a gold band or as elaborate as a modern twist diamond-encrusted engagement ring. Whatever the design, cut or stone, the meaning behind the ring is what matters most. Just make sure it fits, or you will lose it! 

Memorial Necklaces

Like rings, necklaces are one of the most prized possessions among families. Chains are traditionally passed down and can be as intricate as rings in their designs. Additionally, necklace bands and pendants are also traditionally adorned with jewels and stones and made from precious metals like gold and silver. A passed-down necklace continues a beautiful tradition. Or you can memorialize someone in a photograph or holographic pendant. Neither of these is expensive and is a significant gift and tribute to the memory of a loved one.

Heirloom Watches

Today, a watch can be made cheaply and quickly. Yet a few decades ago, a watch symbolized status and wealth. Then, of course, modern watch brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe offer luxury and intricate designs. And rare editions of such watches are worth tens of thousands Heirloom Watches. In many countries, pocket watches remain to be a popular retirement gift that was being handed down through generations. Therefore, they are an excellent example of a meaningful gift to be passed down to someone you trust. Additionally, watches and tie pieces make great gifts for men who might not appreciate a ring or necklace specifically made for the female form. 

Historical Broaches

Broaches are a great adornment to finish a formal dress. They are traditionally worn at weddings, black and white balls, and religious ceremonies. Queen Elizabeth II is rarely seen in public without one. While you can buy beautiful new broaches, they are one of the most passed-on articles, perhaps because of their sturdy designs. Because of their designs, you can easily trace the provenance of many high-end broaches. There is a market for traceable broaches, some for sale going back to royalty like Queen Victoria and celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. 

New Traditions

Of course, not everyone has a rich family history or any heirlooms at all. Therefore, you could consider starting a grand tradition of your own with new meaningful jewelry. Rings, necklaces, and watches are as popular today as they have always been. But trinket collections are also trendy. Pandora bracelets, for example, offer a unique way to begin a meaningful collection as you add trinkets to your bracelets. Each trinket signifies something new, and you can start a collection between yourself and your children or siblings. Then, over the years, you will build something together that can one day be passed on to remember yourself or your family.


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