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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Ace of Arrows

The arrow of my mind I am towards God. Bow in hand, I am ready for anything I encounter. So filled am I with daring, I welcome challenge. I have words to guide me. I have a voice that can be heard. I can see the distant target and feel certain of my aim. I have thought, and thought is my power. I have will, and I will do. From my mind I weed all doubt, for the experience of life will be my teacher and falling, I will pick myself up; noticing error, I will make correct. I can do what I will, for I trust the will of the Highest which is known within me.

Ace of Arrows

This card of original thought, the basic, “I am.” It is the beginning of the power to will. Here you discover your blueprint for this life’s work. “I will myself to be” brought you into this existence. Now you will get in touch with the form this life’s reality will take through your being.

Your consciousness is penetrated by thought. You have the gift of intelligence, the power to share words into a combination that will release energy in you to go forth. You have been given many words (concepts) by your culture of birth. Some of them may no longer be useful for you. They may be interfering with your good now, whereas previously they may have helped you to survive your particular situation. You are at a point of taking charge. You will begin to probe deeply into the workings of your own mind.

Throughout the suits of arrows, you will find the coyote, often known as the trickster. Thoughts are also tricksters. They can fool you. Modern day advertising is a clear example of how words can be arranged to make you feel you are getting something you are not. People in your life may also use words to fool you, or even themselves, into believing that you are at fault, you should do something that you feel you shouldn’t, and such things as this.

Become aware of the power of words to do these things. Notice when your own words are out of alignment with how you are really feeling. Truth is a combination of several ingredients. It is congruence between your feelings and what you say. It is also saying what you feel in the way that most recognizes the principle of divinity in all things. In other words, tact and right timing are part of speaking the truth. Knowing your whole self is its basis.

The owl in the suit of arrows stands for wisdom. Wisdom looks at experience and the effects of words on all who hear them. Wisdom decides a course of action based on the experience of Self and the Wisdom of Ages. Trickster words may cause you to take whatever action gets you an immediate benefit without regard for the outcome or its effect on others. Words of wisdom will have the ring of all teachings of the masters of life. They will sound eternal, applicable through many situations, many ages, many times.

Words can heal or steal. Now is the time to contemplate just what the words you hold in your mind are doing for you and to others. What meaning are you giving your life as you define your experience to yourself? How are you valuing what you do? You are the words themselves.

You are in control of them. They are your tools. You will become the master craftswoman with them. Words describe life, but you are the willpower behind the,. Only you can act on them. Aim to take command.

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