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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Blend – Temperance

“The Inner Alchemist mixes everything I have ever known, thought, or said into a perfect blend. Order is easily bestowed on my life experience.”

The Medicine Woman Tarot Temperance

I am the rainbow, calling you to relax and allow the perfect blending of all that is within you. I am the mixer of the beautiful elixir. My colors create all that is your world. In you, I work to create a clarity of thinking that will lead you to the ultimate union with the one. I combine your ideas, ideals, and experiences into an arrow of truth and aim it at the only target. Let me do my work.

Everything in the universe is a vibration, and vibration can be changed by your mental state. Meditation, concentration, reflection, relaxation….all change your vibration. This is the Diving mixing, blending, tempering of your experience. You have acted, you have tried, now you must integrate the experience with everything else that is you. I help you to see how it all fits, how things have been changes and how they can be used.

Remember, experience is the test of new ideas. In your practice, shoot at some definite mark. Accept no theories until you have tested them out. Life is your opportunity to try, not to accept. Act and then evaluate. Go towards the promise at the rainbow’s end. You, as an individual, choose your direction, your every action; yet you are indivisible from the Whole. The Cosmic will works through you; yet you must assume total responsibility for every thought and action. You are guided, you have a mission and a purpose; yet you function with complete free will, as an independent agent. You are constantly channeling the Universal Life Force into the world through your patterns of thought and image.

You are the actor. I am the integrator of your actions. Take time for me. Temperance, the Divine Blending, happens automatically whenever you relax.


Am I always too busy? Do I allow time for necessary integration of all my experiences?


Take three hours off, completely. Do not include in the three hours preparation time, driving time, and so on. Go away from your usual environment to a place where you can relax alone and peacefully in the way you would enjoy. Allow Temperance to take over.


Do nothing. Think nothing. Allow all thoughts to pass through your mind without stopping. Do not analyze or criticize. When a thought comes, think only “thinking,” and let the words go by. Follow the breath, merely observing.


Take a walk down a pathway of your mind, aiming toward the highest good. Visualize a rainbow overhead and follow it to its end. What is there for you? See yourself reaping the rewards at the end of the rainbow.


Go to the jars of herbs for tea. Ask them to draw your attention toward those that you need. Make yourself the perfect lend for this particular moment.

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