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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Dancer – The World

“I am Cosmic Consciousness, and awareness in the now of the many forces at work on every plane of existence in and beyond this world.”

The Medicine Woman The World Tarot
In a sense, I am what has been referred to as the New Age, when all is in balance and everyone lives in peace and harmony recognizing their oneness with each other. I am the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one.

I am a sign that all have learned to work with nature, using the laws of nature to benefit of all. The streams and rivers flow, turning the water wheels; the wind gives its power to windmills; the sun warms homes and gives light. Each element and being is recognized for its worth and utilized in beneficial ways, according to the Creator’s plan.

You are now a co-creator, taking part in the planetary transformation now taking place. Self and world are one being, breathing one life. You are the Dancer holding wands of male and females life force in perfect balance. The polarities within the self have been recognized and brought into a conscious creative working relationship. There is synthesis, crystallization, perfection, stability, all within the greater flow. You move consciously with the cosmos, understanding your place in time.

I dance freely and with power, for I have faced the death of all that flows through me. In other words, I have transcended possession and desire for results. My actions are based on the fullness of the moment rather than on sacrifice for the future. I understand that now is all futures. I therefore live in death. It is death as a state of constant peace and surrender to what is. Thus, death is the ultimate balance during life. I have united polarities of existence. As you approach the understanding of this within yourself, the world is yours. In Earth, I am through you.

Medicine Woman Energy

Dancer in the Winds of Time.


The present is my point of power. All light, all love, all energy, pass through me now creating ongoing beauty, balance, and awakening on the path towards infinite bliss. From death, the pause of perfect peace, I am born to dance on top of the world.


Moment to moment, I need only ask, “Am I in harmony with the good of all portions of myself? and to breathe in peace and exhale love. Ask yourself this question ten different times today.


Go to a high place and dance with these thoughts in mind.


Take your state of peaceful mind into your everyday life and rejoice.


Life off from the world, in your mind’s eye, and look down. See this small glowing blue planet. See where the trouble spots are and breathe them light.

Astrological sign


Food, colors

The world is yours from which to choose

I will be happy forever
Nothing will hinder me
I walk with beauty before me
I walk with beauty behind me
I walk with beauty above me
I walk with beauty below me
I walk with beauty around me
My words will be beautiful

~from the Navajo Blessingway

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