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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Eight of Arrows

You have advanced to a new perspective. From here you will empower others by offering a means to their greater well-being. You will give gifts that continue to give of their own nature. Now that you have a new philosophy, religion, or lifestyle (each of these describes a large body of words you live by), you must realize that it will restrict you in certain ways. Initially, you will be blind to those restrictions, but in time you will notice. At that point, you must realize the power of restriction. Commitment can be freedom.

Eight of Arrows

You must realize that there is no way to be completely unrestricted and still be living. Each belief system fences you in and at the same time frees you to do things you could not do otherwise. For instance, the concept of marriage may restrict you to experiencing sexuality with just one partner. But it frees you to go with that partner to peaks of intimacy which would not be available to you otherwise.

The concept of being vegetarian may restrict you from eating meat, but free you to experience the increased physical energy and heightened consciousness you can know only through a body purified by live, whole foods. The concept of dressing for success may limit your creative expression, but can land you a high-paying job. So you can see the value of knowing the power of restriction.

You are not searching now, in this area of your life, but have a workable philosophy in which your commitment will free your spirit to reach previously unreachable goals.


My tools are now within. I am master of my mind, and I give my knowledge that others may master their lives. I live by the creed of words within me. No battle inside or conflict outside will frighten me. I can do what I believe I must. I give what it takes to restore and renew. I have been called and I answer. From perfect peace, I take my call. My will and the will of the Father are one. In Mother, the world of matter, my gifts are offered.

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