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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Exemplar of Bowls – Ever-Deepening Love

Your love has matured. You have many teachings to pass on. Consider how to use your particular talents as a vehicle for the expression of the wisdom you have gained.

Exemplar of Bowls

It is time for you to settle back and integrate your love experiences. You have reached a plateau. Look back at the far distance you have come. Count your blessings. Bless others with your presence.

You exemplify aging in grace. Your soul is filled with youthful exuberance for life’s beauty. Your service to others is as natural as breathing. The light within you radiates fully. The full thrust of your life now goes towards your devotion to higher being.

No anger, pain or guilt or remorse can hold you down. Emotions are a gently moving sea of bliss uplifting a life of steady devotion to a higher good. You live in the simplicity of right relationship and walk a sacred path. Many friendships embrace you on your way.

You have shown by example of your loving life a path of liberation from life’s problems. Through each one, you have taken the loving action and come through in beauty. Now your life stands as a way others can follow. Your bowls are fulled with the treasures of Earth and Heaven. As you continue to pass on thse treasures, your bowl will continue to be constantly filled. For all love given, love returns. The wheel of life speaks the law of love.


Only I, an old one, who has raised many children and in them raised the consciousness of the world, can be called Great Grandmother/Grandfather. I have given to all who were young on their road to understanding. I have shared all of my heart’s expression. I have loved deeply and long, and I will love you, the newly born living spirit as well.

When you do not like yourself, human child, I will say a kind word. When you are lost, I will point the way and let you know that you have the feet to walk the road alone. For in all my love, I am strong. I have lived a long time and many lives. From my experience, you will be renewed.

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