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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Five of Stones – The Giveaway

It may seem as though you have lost something. Your situation has changed and some of your assets are gone. But remember, you took this risk when you were at the four of stones, Basic Survival. Did you dip into your security stash and sacrifice your own well-being to serve someone else’s will? Did you hold back your talents, abilities, or true convictions from the material with which you were working?

The Medicine Woman Five of Stones

Don’t get attached to this temporary poverty role by adopting a “poor me” attitude. Re-evaluate your position. Take stock of your current resources and review the lessons of the Stones up through this card. It is time to exert mental discipline. Appreciate yourself. Practice contentment with what is. Re-imagine your future. And relax into the wealth you already have. Change is near.

The giveaway can be a totally positive experience if you have provided for your own well-being, put your heart and soul into your work for the sake of itself rather than for reward, and are willing to give your first efforts away to someone you love. This is the spiritual level this card is asking you to reach.


I shall love my work enough that it is fulfilling in itself. Though I have paid a price and can rightly ask others to pay a price for what I offer, I will give away some of my work simply because I have loved it and for love it can be given. I abide by the spiritual law of tithing: ten percent of my bounty belongs to my people. I give not in order to receive, but because I have already received. Mother Earth blesses me every day with the elements of true happiness. Earth, wind, sky, trees, flowers, the song of the birds, and the foods that nourish me are but a few of her gifts. In her name, I return my wares to others.

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