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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Four of Bowls

At this point in your relationship with someone, let spirit move you to bring your love into a form. This form could take many different shapes. It could simply be a gift you make and offer as a statement of your feelings. It could be a contract formalizing your relationship with one another. It could be a first touch, a deeper level of contact, a commitment. Whatever it is, it involves you a little more.

Medicine Woman Four of Bowls

You are manifesting, that is, making material in the outer world, some quality of experience within you. The valentine is the simplest Western symbol of love. If it is made by your hands, it has been touched with your love. Touch only to express the love you feel.

And remember the source. Your cup is always filled by the Giver of Love within. If another human being expresses love to you, that is a gift, simply extra frosting on the cake. Your love is not dependent on it. Your rewards and refills are equal to the amount you allow your true being to express in all the other areas of your life.

This allowing of your highest nature is what brings your love to its pure unconditionally. Love thyself, then give freely from this love.


To my mind, as I am at rest, come wonderful thoughts of things I shall like to create for others to show my love for them. In my mind when I am at peace, Creator tells me of what it is I have to share. It is through my own talents and abilities, through my own use of these in time, that I create those gifts I imagined.

Now I give form to the love I feel for another. Now I create my gift in a material way, expressing those intangible feelings that draw me to my people.

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