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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: The Four of Pipes

Discipline, Attraction, and Preparation

The Medicine Woman Four of Pipes

A meeting has occurred. You are feeling the power of attraction. Your dreams and visions have brought you into contact with ones of like persuasion. Yet the forming of friendship takes discipline. The deepening of bonds requires attention. Times will now be spent developing cohesiveness. You may work together or play together. But whether in celebration or preparation, you must discipline the mind by weeding out self-doubt.

The native sweat lodge is a way of purifying your mind and body. The intense heat focuses your awareness on what is truly important and pulls out the interfering sickness of negative attitudes and fears. Ritual times of purification, letting go of all that stands between you and another, clear the way to ever-deepening love relationships.

Remember that every attraction you feel is for creative purposes. Attraction does not always imply a future of love and pairing. You are drawn together by complementary creative energies. This may or may not involve any sexual union, though it often appears, at first, as the desire for such.

You are drawn into mutual process. It is a time of enjoyment and indulgence in the pleasure of companionship. What will your indulgence bring about? What will you create together? It is an exploration time of what you can do in combination with another. Each time you experience your compatibility, you prepare yourselves to walk gracefully through later challenges.


Now I use my hands to form the structure in which we shall work together. We build the lodge in which to sing and praise your powers. Great Spirit, we offer the sweat of our physical bodies, for we know it is cleansing. And we know that as we rid ourselves of poisonous fears and toxic doubts that we will be ready to celebrate with you. For the many ways of purification, we give thanks. Our love with heal and will build our desire to merge with you.

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