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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: The Grandfathers – The Star

“We are a new hope within you.”

The Medicine Woman - The Grandfathers

The old patterns of interference have been broken; you have reached a new level of communication with the ancestral energy of Self. As a result, you can now experience renewed health and vitality. Through meditation, you have found your roots, your source of cosmic nourishment.

“We are the Grandfathers”

We have walked on the ground upon which you now walk. You are beginning to realize the meaning of our lives and are able to continue in our footsteps. We will begin to teach you of your spiritual heritage, for you carry within you a particular way of walking on the sacred path.

“It is your destiny to carry on from where we have led you.”

You drink from the waters of Earth and now from those of the heavens as well. You are able to take our highest vision and bring it into reality. You, who have a foot in both worlds, are the only one able to lift the consciousness of the human beings once again to a level of hope. If is you who can build anew. It is you who can walk in beauty within the created world.

“Explore now the beauty of your bare soul, this soul you have found in your spiritual search. Take time now to concentrate on the relationship of yourself and nature, yourself and God, the Great Spirit Within All.”

We will help you. We will offer what we have learned, that you might learn from our experiences. Speak with us and we will answer.


Do I know the struggles of my ancestors? Of what value are they to me?


Find out about the people who were native to your area of the country. What was their relationship to the land? What were the expressions of their spirit? How can you honor them?


Meditate on a crystal (quartz or geode), a very old part of the Earth. Crystals are great receivers and transmitters of energy. They are communication devices. Hold one in your hand and let it speak to you. Look into it and probe its mysteries. Offer through it your prayer to the Great Spirit and a thanksgiving for the native peoples who first walked your land. Perhaps the Grandfathers will come to you.


Look upon a star, seeing a ray of light reaching from it to yourself. Travel on that beam of light to the star. Open all of your physical and spiritual senses to receiving its beauty and energy. Take its light back into yourself when you are finished with your journey and visualize yourself as a shining star or crystal. Light up the whole world of your being.

Astrological Sign



Try the foods of your ancestors. Check your library and your relatives for information. How do these foods affect your state of mind?

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