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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: The Grandmothers

“All that ever was or will be is here now within me. My body incorporates the planetary dream and my most personal love into a life grace-filled.”

The Grandmothers Tarot Card from The Medicine Woman Deck

We are the Grandmothers, and the moon is our symbol. We are intuitive knowledge that you feel or sense, knowledge that seems to be within your body. Our teaching is this: trust your body. Your body subtly reacts to everything you present to it and gives you feedback as to whether a particular things is right for you in that moment.

At night, when you sleep and dream, your body goes through experiences that it need in order to live the blueprint and your body tells you what to do, moment by moment, through its feeling responses. It lets you know if you have erred in your planning. It gives you peace and joy, if you have planned well.

Thought and action, will and movement, these are the things that reorganize your body cells. Old cells embodying old ideas die and new cells containing your new ideas are born. You are constantly recreating yourself in your own image. This creative energy is so strong that unless you are using your talents and abilities creatively in the world, you may begin creating excess body in the form of fat, or cancer, or perhaps even an entire new person, a baby. Your imagination gives form to the creative energy. Reflect on it.

New Knowledge gained in the reflective state of meditation is incorporated into your body. Your mental organization becomes your physical organism. We are the Grandmothers who speak in wisdom. Break out of your shell, the old ways of thinking that lock you inside. Pass by your personality’s desires and your education as well. Walk between the towers of thought, following the path to the high mountain of spiritual intuition. There is infinite wisdom ahead.


Do I use my talents and abilities creatively in this world? Do I listen to my intuition? What happens when I do?


Chart your body cycles with the moon. Do your moods change with her? Note what your body wants you to do at different times of the month. See if you are more peaceful and attuned if you follow the body’s suggestions.


Open yourself to receiving the message of a wise old woman. Create a pathway in your mind to the place within you where she dwells. Let her speak.


Place your awareness in the very top of your head, and imagine what your hair would be like if it were healthier, shinier. Go on down your face, seeing your eyes very clear, your complexion glowing. Go over every details of your face and your entire body, inside and out, visualizing every part, step by step, in its healthiest state. Create your own beauty to know your own standards. Know that as you do this, you program your subconscious to move you in the direction of actually having such a body. Don’t hold back, only the Grandmothers are listening.

Foods and colors

What are the foods and colors that you associate with your Grandmother? Now is the time to try out some of her recipes, perhaps some of her ways. What was the path she trod?

Tarot Card Readings

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