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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Harvest – Wheel of Fortune

You have heard it spoken: The Word has become flesh and dwells among us. The words you have kept in your mind, for good or evil, have come into material form. The images you have dwelled on have become real. That which you have imaged-in has come into actual being. In the beginning was the word you held in your mind, spoke through your mouth, and now the son of that word is here.

The medicine woman wheel of fortune tarot

The word is embodied in your flesh. Whatsoever you have down, so will you reap. That time is now. I am the Wheel of Life, the turning of the seeds you have sown. You may count on me to bring good luck if you have listened and followed the levels (cards) 0 through 9. I am the Law of Karma. You have put your energy out into the world in certain ways – these include thoughts as well as actions – and now, whatever you have given returns. This is the rhythm of life. This is the rhythm of emotion. Anger begets anger. Joy begets joy.

One cycle is completed. You have now experienced in fullness a certain aspect of your life. If you have done your inner work, a desire has been realized. A new step in your spiritual journey will unfold before you now.

You began the wheel of fortune spinning when you took a gamble. As the Fool, you stepped into new territory. You tried using your present personality and environment in some new ways as the Magician. As the High Priestess, you began to see yourself as a casual force. Then, as Empress, you looked with love upon the person full of potential that you are. As Emperor, you began to make a structure to put that potential to work. Listening to the voice within, the Hierophant, you figured out just how to interface with your world. Working together, you became lovers with your inner world bringing it into outer manifestation.

In the chariot, you experienced accomplishment. Then you built up your inner strength until you could stand alone and steady as the Hermit lighting the way for others who follow. This is the turning of the wheel of tarot. I bring you the results of this whole energy cycle. Your task now is to accept. Rejoice. Be glad in what is. And go on. Just as the gambler might have a drink to the game after a round of cards, whatever he/she won or lost, celebrate now just because you have come this far. Give a toast to the flow. Shake hands with your friends for a game well-played.

As a medicine woman, you understand now that the seeds you gave to the wine, through your nurturing, have grown into the food that nourishes yourself. You have used the tools at hand, seeking vision from within as to how to take these everyday things and make them work for you. You looked and listened to Earth, your environment. You took command of your resources. You carried in your heart the vibration of peace, seeking the good of the whole.

Through your loving actions, you found a great spirit which then flowed through you as you moved through the challenges you encountered. Your imagining power of mind, like a strong horse, carried you through the strongest opposition. In your wisdom, you called on the healing forces, and guidance came to you. Now, you rest. This is the way of the medicine woman. This is the journey of the medicine wheel.


Do I allow myself to rest after my cycle of work? Do I accept what I have done after I have done it? Or do I use this time to criticize myself?


Make a “Wheel of Fortune” by drawing a circle, dividing it into the major areas of your life, such as health, relationships, work, spirituality, enjoyment, or whatever categories you prefer to use. Then, find magazine photos or draw in those images of things you would like to see happen through you in the next six months of time. (Note that I said “through” you, and not “to” you). Put the Wheel of Fortune where you will notice it everyday. The images will implant in your subconscious and seemingly without effort begin to draw you into situations and learnings which will bring about the results you have imaged-in.


Imagine that you are sitting before a large Wheel of Fortune. Give it a spin and see if the jackpot is yours today. If you are “off the mark,” ask what is interring with your good luck.


In your easy and relaxed way, begin to daydream of all the good, fortunate things you have wished for and received. Make your images clear, detailed, and colorful. Let yourself see how much you have harvested. See the support you have been given by various people around you. See how your gifts have helped others in their own lives. All the richness of your resources to become clear. Then give the mental command that your ability to draw to yourself the things, people, and situations you desire in increasing daily and that your desires are ever constantly aligning with the greatest good for all. Enjoy.


If you were wise enough to plant a garden, now is your time to reap the harvest. Prepare a feast of foods you have nurtured in love and feel the warmth and energy they returned to you.


Violet is the ray that clears “old karma.” It has been called the “cosmic eraser.” Whether you wear it or meditate on it, its action is to clean out the molasses of confused thinking and limiting beliefs and make space in your body cells to hold the light.


All that I have allowed to dwell in my imagination has become true through my words and actions. The Creator is embodied in me. I gratefully accept the harvest of my creation.

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