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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Nurturing Lodge of the Bowls

The Fruits of Devotion

Nurturing Lodge of the Bowls

Enter the lodge of spiritual family and celebrate your lives together. This is the place and time to utilize your stores of nourishment for self and others. Embrace. Be in peace. Reflect. Enjoy.

If you cannot fully do this in your life now, there is a lesson here. You have given away too much, saving nothing for the present. You have extended your hand to other so gar that you have lost your balance. Go prepare a nurturing space. Renew yourself. Get what you need to fill your space and feel good about sharing once again with others.

Your life is designed to bring you into constant relationship. Each relationship is a chance to act as if you are serving the Divine Being by serving that part of God that lights each human and creature presence. AS you serve God, further God-ness is revealed through each on you serve. Your home becomes your temple where Gods and Goddesses are welcomed and you are able to serve as priest/priestess, host/hostess. All is to be passed on in the gracious ways you have learned. All is meant to be received in thanksgiving and returned, in the end, to Earth itself. This way brings constant nourishment to all who live.


Many things I have been in the world, many roles I have played. Now I rest in the very place where you need me. I know the worldly ways. I have struggled with love and come through smiling. I can tell how each one I have loved has brought me into deeper understanding of you. I see that all of my time has become an ongoing act of devotion to you through all whom I serve. I se that this devotion brings blessings in many forms to my people. Thank you, Grandmother, Grandfather, for the wisdom of your lives you have shared.

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