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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Seven of Stones

The seeds I long ago planted have reached their peak. The fruits of my labors are here at hand. Success in my garden comes from working with nature, providing for the lives of the small beings as I provide for the life of myself. I gratefully receive my bounty now.

Seven of Stones Medicine Woman Tarot

You reap what you have sown in the immediate past. In other words, this current reward has not so much to do with lifetime karma (as would be indicated by the major arcana card 10 Harvest) as it does the choices immediately preceding the situation.

Look back at what you have done right and do it again. Your current harvest, promotion, profit, or raise can be repeated. Let yourself feel the pleasure you deserve right now. Take time to enjoy. You should be seeing an outward sign of the inner achievement you feel. If it is hard to see, then make yourself a visible talisman representing this new level of functioning. It will remind you of your power and serve to empower you during future challenges.

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