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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: The Sunset

“I accept the changes that will come through higher states of consciousness. All change works to bring about my freedom and my good. I let go am free”

Medicine Woman The Sunset

Like the setting sun, I am death to that which has been of this day; yet I promise renewal. When there is no other way out, I come. I am kind. Only I can offer the opportunity to leave behind the unsolvable problems. I am firm. There is no return to what has been. Through me, you are called to the Creator. You are called to listen once more to the Great Plan and the part of you must play in it. I am the end of life as you have known it. I am the beginning of what you have not yet imagined.

When you see me coming, open to change. I am a warning. I tell you that the patterns through which you are working are leading to your end. In your body, I am constantly taking the old cells to make room for the new. Every few years, your body is totally recreated in the form of your thoughts. You create the body through your intellectual patterns. Change the pattern (the thought and image) and you change the form. Restructuring the mind is restructuring the body.

In your world, I bring change as the people change. All social change comes from the death of old embodiments of ways of thinking – and the birth of new. In this way, opportunities for liberation are constantly provided.

Death is change at the basic structural level. You can change your body and your experience through new concepts. Everything realigns as your thoughts take a new order. Every good (God) thought that you dwell on creates light in the cell until it can be truly said, “The kingdom of God is within, The Goddess lives again through me.”

Fear of death is fear of change, fear that your good will not come. Fear of Death is fear of the law (the eqivalent of the word Lord). The law is: As you think, so will you be. Fear is overcome by love. Thinking love-thoughts fills your being with love. Realizing that every change brings you an opportunity to renew allows you to see the beauty of the plan, the divine order, in all movement.

Just seeing that every death/renewal is your growth lets you begin to rest in love, to feel love not as a syrupy emotion but as a deep appreciation, a gladness at another chance to change your mind. Fear of the Law/Lord/Mind (all the same thing) changes to using the Law of Mind, filling the mind with appreciation of change, evolution, opportunity to review and renew. This is the perfect love that casts out fear. Fear of death is overcome by this wisdom.

As the sun sets each day, I ask you, have you taken this opportunity to change? Have you used this day to grow in love, to fulfill your purpose? If not, I will be coming around again. I will appear more and more ominous, as you need. I will strike fear into your heart, if that is what it takes. For I am kind. And if you use the power of your life, I will come only when all is done, to bring you gentle respite….to escort you on to higher places…to lead you to the One.


Am I taking the opportunities for growth that are presented to me? Or do I wait until I am pushed by a difficult situation? Do I learn by going ahead into more love, more creativity, or do I wait for struggle to be my teacher?


Write a two-page paper describing your own death.


Allow yourself to imagine rising up out of your body. Knowing that you are connected by a lifetime that is strong and vibrant, tell your body/mind that, just for a few minutes, you would like to review your “death.” Assure yourself that you will not really die, that this is merely an exercise in awareness. Then observe your death and the situation, feelings, insights, surrounding it.


See Death as a person, coming to speak with you about your life and purpose. Follow Death riding into the sunset until you get the message you need.

Astrological Sign



Black is a color often associated with Death. Black is a color that absorbs all, just as death absorbs all. Black is also associated with Earth, for it is Earth from which our bodies have come. How do you feel in black?

Sunset – 13 – Transformation

Traditional Tarot: Death

Medicine Woman Energy: The Ride through the desert toward the setting sun

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