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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Ten of Bowls

Your heart has found its home. Put your full energy into all you love here. Hold nothing back. Your heart has reached the heavens and brought them home to rest. Let yourself feel your commitment to a certain place, a certain community. Love can be expressed very particularly. You have a place to ground all of your high hopes and dreams.

Ten of Bowls

You are going to “do it” now. Longing no longer take you away to the illusive someone or something better. You have reached a time when you must give your full participation to what is before you. Fix it up make it into your dream. Everything you need for full spiritual growth is here now. Take stock and dig in.

Pull yourself up to the hearth and read Wendell Berry or Robert Frost, maybe Helen and Scott Nearing. These are people with a sense of place. You will now recognize yourself in them.


My heart rejoices, Great Spirit, for I have found the people with whom I am in spiritual harmony, the place to which I am able to make commitment. I celebrate my good fortune. I give thanks for my family of people of like mind. We feel ourselves here to be one with Earth and Spirit. The gifts of these we share together. Bless our ways, and grant that our tribe may continue.

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