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The Medicine Woman Tarot Card Message of the Day: Two of Bowls – Friendship

You must conceive of love with another. You must imagine friendship before you can have it. What do you have to offer another? Can you pay attention to another person, listening, following their words, feeling their feelings? Can you imagine what it would be like to be that person?

Medicine Woman Two of Bowls

Just for a minute, think of someone you know. Mock their body position, facial expressions, common things you hear them say. Never do this in front of them, of course, because you will always be a poor representation of their wholeness. But while you are alone, just act like that person for a few minutes, and you will get instant insight into some of the reasons they are who they are.

A relationship is an exercise in balance. You have needs and wishes, your partner has needs and wishes. Sometimes you must lead, sometimes follow. In the best of situations, you each have strengths that can be utilized by the relationship. Where one has a strong desire to handle some aspect of living, the other may have little interest.

This is an excellent situation for encouraging one person to take charge and the other to enhance that one’s strength with support and encouragement. Each person must have areas where they are the final authority in the relationship. And each person must be supported in that role in their area of expertise and feel that area to be an important and meaningful one.

Authority must not be decided by outdated role models. It is not an “I’m up; you’re down” situation. Authority comes with skill, interest, enthusiasm and the ability to take responsibility. Think now of the ways you and your partner can enhance each other’s strengths.


There is always one who awaits the gift of myself. No human can live without this sharing of her humanness. One kind word can make all the difference in the world, one small gift can change a life.

I am open to receiving. I am ready to give. As these aspects of giving and receiving become friends within myself, my true friends appear in my earthly life. I will make the gesture now that will show another I am friend. Together, through our relationship, we shall heal and become strong.

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