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Meet The Medieval Times Horses


We are an animal loving family and have more animals than people living in our home. Our favorite part of the Medieval Times dinner show is of course – the animals. When I surprised the kids with the news that they were going to meet the horses at Medieval Times, our entire house filled with screams of delight.


When we have been to previous shows at Medieval Times, my older son, and biggest animal lover I know, would always have his face smashed against the glass of the horse stalls that face the lobby. Instead of having to interact with the horses through the glass, they were able to go behind the scenes to interact one-on-one with the horses.



When we stepped into the horse stables, there were people everywhere caring for the horses. The first thing that caught my eye was how clean the stalls were. There was not any odor or flies like I would have expected when going into a horse stable.


The horses were the kindest most gentle horses that my children have ever gotten to interact with. They let the kids talk to them, pet them, and even give them kisses. The caregivers of the horses treat them like family. Their love for the horses shines bright while they talked to us all about the different horses living at Medieval Times. They told us funny stories about the horses, what certain horses like to eat, and how they train them for the shows.


The horses at Medieval Times are truly the highlight of the show, and they are also some of the most well loved horses I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. After talking to the caregivers and interacting with the horses, it was time to see the show. The kids kept shouting out the names of the different horses as they would become a part of the performance – it was like seeing the show for the very first time after getting to know the horses.


Medieval Times is a wonderful place for your family to dine, and bond together as a family over tasty food while watching an incredible performance. It was a night that my kids will never forget and hold special in their hearts forever.


Medieval Times is located at 7662 Beach Boulevard in Buena Park.

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