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Megan Fox Dishes on Being a New Mom and Her Role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

We attended the interview as a guest of the studio

Photo courtesy of Paramount

Photo courtesy of Paramount

Megan Fox is a woman known for her beauty; however, the Megan I met was a very real, loving Mom whose inner beauty stood out more than her outer beauty. When she spoke of her children, her face lit up and she expressed a strong desire to be home with them. She was soft-spoken and the type of person you could envision yourself taking a yoga class with. Her excitement about her new film, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was evident. Produced by Michael Bay and directed by Johanthan Liebesman, these familiar crime fighting turtles are sure to be a summer hit.

Megan eagerly wanted to play the role of April O’Neil, an ambitious journalist. She was well aware it would be an undertaking to convince the studio to consider her since her public image was quite different from this character. Megan had been a fan of the original series as a child, and knew she would have to fight for it. After many meetings and emails begging for the part, she finally landed it.

Ten days after filming began, Megan became pregnant with her second child. This was a surprise, especially being that she was only seven months postpartum. Filming became extremely difficult for her. She had all the typical symptoms of a mother in her first trimester. Nausea and exhaustion challenged her on a daily basis. The physical elements of her job made it even worse. Stunts and sixteen hour days were grueling; however, calling in sick was not an option. A day off could cost the studio $1- $3 million dollars. Heat was also an issue and the leather outfits she had to wear made it even worse. She had to be iced down in order to keep the temperature at a safe level for the baby. Megan had to tough it out. Like most mothers, she was constantly stressed about the health of her baby boy, who was born perfectly healthy.

The contrast of her “celebrity” personality with her very “real life” motherhood trials of having two young children was quite stressful, especially when it came to losing weight after the pregnancy. Immediately after the birth of each of her children, she had to be ready for scheduled movie press tours and photo shoots for magazines. “The pressure that an actress feels to get back into shape is extraordinary….it threatens to take away how you enjoy your children if it’s in the forefront of your mind” she shared. Luckily, her husband, Brian Austin Green, was a wonderful support for her. She explained that they have different parenting styles but they seem to balance each other in the end.

She is very proud of her work in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, especially after all of the obstacles she had to overcome. The film is based on the original characters created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman, with a screenplay by Josh Applebaum & Andre Nemec and Evan Daughterty. The turtle throw-down begins on August 8. You may even be able to talk your teenage son into coming along.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be in theaters on August 8th.

An Orange County mother of four, Tonya Goodbrand, loves exploring the world and sharing it with her family. She has a passion for travel which is quite contagious. Tonya hopes to inspire families to venture out of their comfort zone and see the world through their children’s eyes.
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