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Megan Fox Talks About How She Uses Acting to Get her Kids to Eat their Veggies, Feminism and TMNT 2

We attended the interview as a gust of Paramount

Amber and Megan Fox

I met Megan Fox! I fathomed for hours how I’d describe my epic day, but honestly, these words won’t do it justice!

Imagine driving to Los Angeles knowing you’ll be up close and personal to Megan Fox in a couple of hours.

Keep in mind; this was my first time meeting a celebrity. Naturally, I was very eager to meet the beautiful Hollywood feminist of my time. Why? I was extremely curious about her life, after researching key facts about her. Come to find out, she is only two years older than me, and a mother of two young boys, who are almost the exact age as mine. Oddly enough, her oldest son was born on the same day as my youngest. In retrospect, I was fascinated thinking about our similar mommy situations in ‘real’ life, with the main difference being, of course, her job was acting in Hollywood, and I was a stay at home mother in Ladera Ranch. Had I imagined celebrities to be superhuman or something?

The time came, and I was sitting in a small conference room at a round table with five others. Before I know it, she walks right in and gives us all a genuinely warm, hello. My reaction? To put it simply, I was ‘STAR STRUCK.’ She sat right in front of me and frankly I was giddy! Mesmerized by how pretty and I guess how ‘real’ she really was. An interviewer jokingly asked which male actor, in TMNT 2, was more in love with her while filming. Megan smiled and replied, “Well none has professed their love to me yet.” It was a funny ice breaker. The questions continued, and she was answering every one with ease. It had to be the flow of her honesty, which just captured my full attention.


She discussed her childhood love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) series, and how much fun she had playing the lead female role, April O’ Neil. For the record, I would have to say that TMNT 2 was more action packed than the first movie, with a ton of funny lines and really creative new villains.

At one point during her thoughts about making the movie, she mentioned missing her sons, Noah, 3, and Bodhi, 2, when she goes to work on the film, even if it’s for a couple of hours a day.

I began smiling, nodding with agreement, as I’m there at the interview, wondering what my munchkins are up to with Nana and thinking of my recent date night with my 3-year old son, Piercen, to the pre-screening of her new movie TMNT 2.


While at the screening, my rambunctious boy sat and laughed along the entire movie. That says a lot about how good the film is. Megan described how her boys love to dress up and role play, so she describes her job to them, as doing just that. Then when the boys ask where mommy is, they have a real answer. She encourages truly listening to children and fully explaining as much as you can when you can.

Are you ready to hear her mommy trick to getting her boys to eat their veggies? Together they read books about characters eating veggies and sometimes act like an animal at the table while eating their veggies. She insists acting can make it more fun, and I am up to trying that out!


When asked about her thoughts on being the ‘hot’ one in her films, Megan stated that she was a feminist and does not have a problem using her beauty and sexuality in Hollywood because she has control over it, and it can be powerful if used the right way. She further talked about how her sons’ father, Brian, follows in line with the feminist ideas and they are both raising their boys to have the utmost respect for women. Major thumbs up in my book.

After the interview, I felt personally enriched. At first, my head was in the clouds as I had subconsciously thought of her as being superhuman. Her confident, down to earth, motherly self-brought me back down to Earth.


Don’t miss seeing Megan Fox in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, in theaters now. Learn more about the movie online, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Honestly, you won’t catch me without a smile on my face. I am an easy-going wife and super patient stay at home mom, always looking to excite my busy boys with adventurous fun! We love to be outdoors running wild and getting dirty. My boys are pretty rugged, [so as a tom-boy myself], we are the best of friends. We especially love bike riding together, splashing around at the beach and hanging out with those who want to join in on the fun. After starting a family with my childhood sweetheart, Jarred, and becoming a mother to our sons, now 3.5 years old and 18 months old, I was given a purpose in life! I thrive to balance every day, as a sincerely loving wife, mom, sister, aunt and daughter. Family is everything to me.
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