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Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence Dish on Melissa & Joey

We attended the interview as a guest of ABC Family

I grew-up watching Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” and fangirl crushing over Joey Lawrence. The two have now grown-up, become parents, and are the masterminds behind the popular hit ABC Family television series “Melissa & Joey” that will premiere its 100th episode in March. While doing a set visit for the television show, both Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence took a break from filming to talk to us about parenting, life and their hit television series.


When we first walked on the set, we took seats in the audience and watched them rehearse for the winter series premiere episode. Joey Lawrence was singing holiday songs in-between takes. When they were done with the rehearsal, Melissa Joan Hart went to get freshened up while Joey Lawrence came over to talk to us. I had known that Joey Lawrence had a reputation for being a comedian, but I had no idea how hilarious he actually was. He could make a living doing a stand-up comedy show in Vegas..he’s that funny.

The show is *NOT* for kids but great for parents to enjoy after the kids have gone to bed. “They are letting us get away with things this season that we are so excited about,” said Lawrence. He talked about how they were at a table reading for one episode and thought to himself that there was no way that ABC Family was going to let them do it…but they did. “It’s going to be a fun season with lots of sex and arguing,” said Lawrence.


Lawrence is a father on the show, and a father in real life but doesn’t feel that the two should go hand in hand. “I keep my private life and work life separate. I want my kids to live normal lives,” said Lawrence. When it came to talking about what it was like for his wife and him becoming parents, I got him to be a little personal with him saying, “We have sex like we’re robbing a supermarket.”

With Lawrence being in the business since he was just three years old, we asked how he felt about his kids getting involved in the business. “It’s different than it was when I grew-up,” said Lawrence but he still let his daughter audition for a pilot…and she got the part. “We want her to approach it as a hobby. I didn’t know I made money until I was 14-15 years old and wanted to buy a car,” said Lawrence.


Just when we were ready to talk more with Lawrence, Melissa Joan Hart entered the room. She looked just as fabulous in real life as she does on television. We immediately jumped into talking about the series and how they try to focus on the real-life things that happen when you get married. “I love that I don’t have to be the strong center of the family where funny things happen around me but not to me. I get to be a complete lush, flawed, fun self-centered bitch,” said Hart.

It’s not just Lawrence’s kid that has recently been cast for a role in a show, but Melissa Joan Hart also has a child who recently got a role in an upcoming show. As a mom, myself, I know it must be a lot of pressure on a parent to see their kids audition and compete for a role in a show. Hart said, “You want the best for your kids, but that means that these other kids…we just want what is best for our kids.”


Hart is a total supermom caring for children on and off the screen. After having her recent baby, the kids have been with her in LA for filming, but their home is established in Connecticut..and she’ll be here filming in LA alone for the next six weeks. “When having a family, this is the best job in the business to have…sitcom is it. We rehearse for a few hours a day, and you’re done,” said Hart. When it comes to bringing her experience as a mom to her role as a mom in show Hart said, “I bring the exact opposite. She didn’t have or raise a baby, and she shares stories about sex and alcohol.”

Don’t miss Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence create chemistry on the screen in the series “Melissa & Joey” that’s coming back to ABC Family on Wednesday at 8pm! Learn more about #MelissaandJoey on Twitter @abcfmelissajoey, and

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