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Have Mercy! Teens Love Fuller House


Full House was my favorite television series growing up. I loved it so much that I have enjoyed sharing my favorite old episodes of the series with my children. When I heard the news that the gang is coming back for an all-new Netflix original series “Fuller House” we couldn’t wait to see it.

We planned a “Fuller Night In” to watch Stephanie, Kimmy and DJ all grown up in the new series “Fuller House.” We were able to watch the first six episodes of the Netflix original series, and my kids loved it – especially my teen and tween. They were on the edge of their seats laughing hysterically at the corny jokes in the new series.


What did I think of it? I loved it just as much as my kids did. It was just as funny as the original series, and it felt like we started right where we left off in 1995, only everyone in the family is all grown up.


Kimmy Gibbler is just as quirky as she was when she was little and hasn’t seemed to lose her sense of fashion one bit – crocheted eggs on a scarf is totally a must-have fashion look – right? DJ is still the “motherly” one of the kids, and her parenting style was undoubtedly influenced by her dad, Danny Tanner (who does a cameo in episode one). Then there is Jesse Katsopolis, who must have been drinking from the fountain of youth, because “have mercy” he looks just as good as he did in the 90’s.


Your kids are going to fall in love with Fuller House, and you’ll find yourself feeling a little nostalgic while watching the new series with your children. Fuller House debuts tomorrow on Netflix.

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