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Merida’s Royal Celebration #DisneySMMoms


Merida from the popular Disney Pixar film Brave officially became a Disney Princess today at Walt Disney World for Merida’s Royal Celebration. Eleven princesses came out to the special ceremony to welcome the “brave” young girl into their royal family.


The celebration took place at the Magic Kingdom in front of Cinderella’s castle. The coronation ceremony started with a musical performance by the talented singer and 2012 Teen Choice Award Winner, Sophia Grace. The crowed cheered as she rocked the stage with her musical talent.


Then it was time for Gabrielle Douglas, the two time Olympic champion to take the stage along with her Mother. The tears were flowing as Gabrielle’s Mother said a heart-warming speech about how much he daughter has touched her life.


Finally, all eleven princesses made their appearance before Merida came through the cheering crowd on her horse.




There was a sea of cameras being raised when Merida came riding in on her horse. Everyone was eager to capture that special moment before she officially became a Disney Princess.



A proclamation was read in front of the sea of people acknowledging that Merida would become a princess.


Right before her Mother appeared. A deep family bond is key to all Disney Princesses, and having Merida’s Mother crown her for the first time as a princess was an amazing moment for all who witnessed it.



Following the crowning, she embraced her daughter with such pride.


And then Merida rejoiced in the glory of becoming a Disney Princess.



Everyone came together to celebrate this special occasion.



All photos are property of the OC Mom Blog and cannot be used without permission. We attended a media event where we saw Merida being crowned as a Disney Princess at Walt Disney World.

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