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Meryl Streep Goes “Into the Woods” With Friends Christine Baranski & Tracey Ullman

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney

Photo courtesy of Louise Bishop at

Photo courtesy of Louise Bishop at

Christine Baranski, Meryl Streep, and Tracey Ullman are all friends in real life and are in the upcoming Disney motion picture film, “Into the Woods,” that comes out in theaters on Christmas Day. The three friends came together to talk to us about life, friendship, parenting, and working on the film “Into the Woods” together.

Photo courtesy of Louise Bishop at

Photo courtesy of Louise Bishop at

Streep and Ullman had been friends the longest, meeting while on the set of “Plenty.” Streep was 31; Ullman was 21, and “I thought I had met my new best friend,” said Streep. Together they reminisced about the memory they had of being broken down in the desert and having to fly back on a plane that had an engine failure. “The engine went, and we thought we were going to die,” said Ullman. “But we stayed together,” said Streep.

Baranski and Streep were both Connecticut moms with kids roughly the same age, “we’ve known each other for a hundred years,” said Streep. The two have shared similar life experiences until meeting on the set of Mama Mia in Greece.

“It’s a trick, being an actress, wife, mother, and having that longevity. That’s a real achievement. Not just in career, but holding your life together. Look at Meryl with four kids.” Christine Baranski.

“It’s a tribute to our husbands,” said Streep
“Yes, fantastic fathers,” said Ullman
“Yes, and our sense of equilibrium,” said Baranski

The three did not have a lot of time together while working on the film due to different scenes and plot lines, but they did have three days together on the set during the scene when Ullman was shouting at the giant.

“We all got really silly, and we were talking a lot. And it was great. It was good fun,” said Ullman.

The film has such a strong message about parenting, “raising little kids now is so different from when our children were little kids. The film speaks to this time where children are, it’s harder and harder to keep the world out,” said Streep.

“People are worried about this film, that it may be too dark for kids. Kids know so much now. They’re aware of so much, and yet they’re so resilient and innately hopeful. That’s sort of what the film is.” Meryl Streep.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

The three went on to laugh about how Ullman would let her kids watch “Cops” when they were little and how all of their children would have loved “Into the Woods.” Streep and Baranski talked about what age group the film would be best, and they both agree that “maybe” seven or eight years of age. “Kids are really like; visuals can really affect, and you can explain it away, but be careful what — what you give them visually. I mean, I remember seeing a documentary on an African tribe. There was this leopard man with long fingernails, and a mask, and I mean, it just had such an impression on me, and it just happened to be on the television set, so you never know what image will really get to them,” said Baranski.

The film is based on the original Grimm’s Fairytales which are darker than the fairytale films that our children are currently used to watching. When talking to her children about imaginary worlds, Baranski would tell her children, “you’re safe. If you’re in the world of the imagination, you can go anywhere, and you all come back from that, so you’re safe.” It was all about assuring children not to worry, and that they will come back from that imaginary world, “but it can be tricky when a child is too young. They don’t know how to do that. So, be careful, be careful. Just take care of them and their little psyches,” said Baranski.

Photo courtesy of Louise Bishop at

Photo courtesy of Louise Bishop at

While we were on the topic of protecting our children, Baranski, shared how she raised her children without a television set. Streep was surprised to hear this since Baranski had made her living in television. When Baranski’s daughter was around the age of six, and she was downstairs cooking dinner, when her daughter turned the television on to see male strippers on Sally Jesse Raphael. “If I can’t control it when they’re just upstairs, and with a click of a button, they see something that’s so troubling so I took the damned thing out,” said Baranski. She continued to share how she would encourage moms to have quiet time and talk to their kids.

Ullman is disturbed to see kids of this generation now said, “everyone’s sitting around a table. There’s a child in a high chair, with a headset on, with an iPad going, being fed. They take the headphone off, and the baby cries, so they put the headphones back on. I know I was exhausted when I was a young mom, but I don’t like it…at the dinner table.” Baranski chimed in to say, “it’s like anesthesia. It really is.”

Bring your family to see “Into the Woods” on Christmas Day. Then have dinner together as a family “electronic-free” and talk to your children about what the movie meant to them giving them the opportunity to express their emotions.

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