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From Mexico to Malibu: The Lula Cocina Cookbook

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know how much love I have for Mexico. Last year, I traveled to the country over ten times, and currently working on purchasing a home in Mexico. I love the food. I love the people. I love everything about Mexico.

Cookbook Event at Melissa’s Produce

Fresh Melissa's Produce Ingredients

When my friends at Melissa’s Produce invited me to an event to learn about a Mexican food cookbook, I cleared my calendar to attend. There is nothing I love better than authentic Mexican food, and when doing some research on the author, I learned that she is also the owner of Lula’s Mexican Restaurant in Santa Monica.

Plus, I used it as a great opportunity to wear the new belt that I just got in Mexico City.

Authentic Mexican Belt

As usual, I arrived at Melissa’s Produce a little late. Chef Geraldine Gilliland was already presenting her fantastic food. The minute that I spotted the poblano stuffed peppers, I knew that it was going to be a lunch to remember.

About Chef Geraldine Gilliland

Fresh Produce

She is quite amazing. Being originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and from a family of plain home cooking, it’s safe to say Geraldine entered a whole new world with Lula. Her love of Mexican Cuisine started when one of the cooks at Gilliland’s Café would cook their own meals.

That is what first attracted her to the flair and flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine. One day, as she was casually flipping through the latest edition of Bon Appétit magazine, she stumbled upon an article that profiled the best female Mexican chefs of the time, including Lula Bertran.

So, she called up the editor and asked her which of these chefs she would recommend to teach her true Mexican cooking. Without missing a beat, she told her to call Lula. The rest is history!

Poblano Stuffed Chiles

Tostada by Chef Geraldine Gilliland

Melissa’s Produce chiles stuffed with Chef Geraldine Gilliland ingredients was pure perfection. I have tasted stuffed chiles from most of the Mexican region, and these were some of the best. It is the exact reason to purchase her cookbook.

Vegan Arugula, Kale, Quinoa Salad

Vegan Arugula, Kale, Quinoa Salad at Melissa's Produce\

We all know that I have been on a healthy diet. This salad was not only healthy but incredibly flavorful. The salad featured kale, heirloom tomatoes, quinoa, edible flowers, and more. I can’t wait to make it and share it with my family at home.

Chiquita Friends

Melissa's Produce

After eating Chef Geraldine’s food, and learning about her restaurant. She also shared her passion for helping abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs. Her organization, Chiquita Friends, has successfully placed over 1000 dogs in loving homes. How amazing is that? Plus, all proceeds of her cookbook go to this organization. What an amazing woman!

About Lula’s Restaurant

I recommend making the drive to Santa Monica to first get a taste of Chef Geraldine’s food at Lula’s. Then you will be hooked. While at the restaurant, bring home a cookbook. Continue to share her love for the culture and the food with your friends and family.

Lula Cocina Mexicana
2720 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

I can’t wait to dine at Lula’s. How about you?

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