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You Might Need To Screed A Concrete Floor For These Reasons

A concrete floor is usually rough and uneven which makes it impossible to live in your house without putting a proper finish. It is necessary to apply a screed if your floor is not level so that you can lay tiles or vinyl flooring well. As a rule of thumb, the floor surface should be uniform, and you can use a screed to give it a smooth finish. Here are the reasons why you need to screed a concrete floor.

Provides a Smooth Finish

A new floor in your home should be screed to help create a smooth finish where you can apply your preferred choice of floor cover. It consists of different components that include cement, water, sand, and other aggregates that create a smooth base where you can lay your final flooring. You should ensure that your screed is properly applied to prevent errors that may be visible when you apply vinyl or tiles. Its thickness mainly depends on the concrete floor below and the type of flooring that you want to lay on top. There are different types of floor that you can consider like wooden blocks, carpet tiles, ceramic blocks, linoleum, laminate, or vinyl flooring.

A screed generally does not have a hard surface to prevent scratching and other elements that can contribute to wear and tear. However, it constitutes a critical stage in the preparation of the concrete floor for different forms of flooring. Screed with a thickness of 10mm helps remove racks, uneven surfaces, and hills. This will make the application of preferred flooring effortless and smooth. This is crucial when laying hard material like tiles that cannot bend. Dips on the floor are frustrating, so you must ensure that you apply the screed first.

Choose the Type of Screed You Want

There are different types of screeds available. As previously mentioned, different components can be used and they are designed to suit the needs of various people. Therefore, you must check the average floor screed prices to get the ideal form of flooring. Liquid flooring is usually expensive since it is durable. The volume of screed that you will need for your project also affects the cost of flooring. The good thing about these different mixtures is that they have a shorter drying time than concrete. After two days of application, you will be able to use the screed floor.

On top of the numerous benefits that you get from it, you can also enjoy affordable labor costs. Few people are required to perform the task since the mixture can be applied directly to the surface using a hose. You do not need to use manual labor like pushing wheelbarrows, and this helps reduce labor costs. Overall, you will realize that it is cheaper to apply screed on your broken floor than redo it with concrete. Contractors usually charge according to the space to be covered, which helps you plan your finances.

Protect Thermal Insulation

Screed flooring plays a crucial role in protecting your thermal and heating insulation systems. The material used is good at radiating and absorbing warmth. As a result, the structure becomes an integral component of the heating system in your home. The surface protects the pipes so that they are not easily damaged. Screed flooring is an alternative to concrete flooring since it provides a durable and smooth finish to allow you to add other forms of flooring like tiles, carpet, or wood.

Used for Coloring Your Floor

You can use a screed to color flooring to improve the appearance of your place. For instance, it is appropriate in places that often experience heavy human traffic like restaurants, commercial locations, and universities. The screed should be harder so that it can withstand the traffic. Some people choose it as their preferred final floor finish as a result of its elegance. You can even color it to match your desired theme. To get a decorative finish, you can paint or polish your screed. It is also possible to stamp it with a pattern to offer a textured finish. If you want, you can lay wooden planks on it so the pattern will be transferred to the floor when it dries.


When you lay a new concrete floor in your home, you must apply screed to level uneven surfaces. A screed provides a solid and smooth base for your final flooring. You cannot apply tiles or any other type of flooring if your existing floor is uneven. So to make sure that this will not compromise the final flooring, you may refer to the above-mentioned reasons about why you need this material.   

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