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Missing Link: A Laugh Out Loud Funny Movie For The Whole Family

This post on the Missing Link is in partnership with United Artists Releasing

The studio was kind enough to provide us with a bus to the movie theater location that was wrapped in Missing Link poster. It was an amazing ride under the stars of Los Angeles to our movie location.

Missing Link Tour Bus

The movie includes an amazing cast of stars: Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, Zach Galifianakis, Timothy Olyphant, David Walliams, Emma Thompson, Matt Lucas, Ching Valdes-Aran, Stephen Fry, Amrita Acharia. Missing Link was written and directed by Chris Butler.

Missing Link is a claymation creation by Laika Studios; creator of such movies as Coraline, BoxTrolls and ParaNorman. This film is a bit more inclusive of the younger audience with brighter colors and characters.

Cast from the Missing Link

The story was developed by Writer/Director Chris Butler. He had been thinking about the story close to 15 years prior to completing the project. The love and sweat that went into the movie were clearly on display on the screen.

The movie begins with an introduction to Sir Lionel Frost (Voiced by Hugh Jackman). The gentleman adventurer is quite cool and calm as he probes the lake for a potential monster. Using a bagpipe he brings the Nessie form underwater to take a photo. Alas, the situation turns on our adventurer and Nessie destroys the picture. The evidence was needed by Sir Lionel Frost to get into a very exclusive club in London. Without the evidence the club has no inclination of making Sir Frost a member.

Missing Link Movie

As Sir Lionel Frost considers his next move, he comes across a letter written to him about Sasquatch living in state of Washington. With that letter, Sir Frost sets off on his next adventure. The travels that occur during the movie reminded us of Indiana Jones.

Sir Frost’s travels take him across the ocean and United States where he meets the elusive Sasquatch (Voiced by Zach Galifianakis). The scene is highly amusing as the audience would be expecting a fearsome creature, only to be confronted by a funny, innocent and lonely Sasquatch.

Scene from the movie Missing Link

The lonely Sasquatch asks Sir Frost to take him to the land where his cousins (The Yetis) reside – in the Himalayas. In order to travel, he adopts a name, Mr. Link. And thus the adventures of Sir Frost and Mr. Link begin.

However, before they can be on their way, a detour needs to be made so that they can grab a map to Shangri-La the location of the land of Yetis. There we meet our third hero of the movie (in this case heroine). Adelina Fortnight (voiced by Zoe Saldana) holds the map to the mythical Shangri-La. She will not give it up unless she goes with our duo on the journey.

Missing Link

From there, our three heroes travel across the world to reach their destination. Along the way, Sir Frost’s nemesis at the club, Lord Piggot-Dunceby (voiced by Stephen Fry) along with his hired goon Willard Stenk (Voiced by Timothy Olyphant) try to derail their plans.

The movie is a laugh out loud funny movie for the whole family. While your kids will be entertained by the mishaps our adventurers face, parents will marvel at the amazing stop motion claymation. The art and design used by Laika Studios for this movie have reached a level unmatched with prior movies.

There is a scene that our adventurers are on an elephant on their way to the Himalayan footsteps. The claymation was a favorite of the audience and Zoe Saldana alike. Ms. Saldana mentioned that, during the making of that scene she was at the studios and it was so beautiful to look at. She was also not allowed to touch the props.

The movie is a great family film and there is a lot of humor and lovely characters to keep the kids and parents amused.

The Missing Link April 12th

Missing Link movie premieres in theaters on April 12th.

Get your tickets now!

You can also visit various Missing Link social media contents at following sites:

Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | #MissingLink

Houman Jazaeri is an OC dad who juggles work, play and his love of technology. On the side he runs, a website that reviews apps and has published his first book, 52 Apps for the College Student.
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