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Missing Loved Ones During the Holidays

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The holiday season is a time for family, and also a time when I can’t stop thinking about the family members that I have lost to cancer. My favorite memories of my Grandma was during the holidays. Christmas was her favorite holiday, and she would bring our entire family together to feast on her delicious food.

Sylvia Barone

In the spring of 1987, my Grandma was diagnosed with cancer in her lymph node. At the time, the specialist she went to see had assured her that in ten years from the diagnosis that she would be alive and well. In fact, he told her that they would have a drink together to celebrate a decade cancer free.

In the 80’s there were limited options and paths when it came to cancer treatments and outreach. My Grandma went to the doctor with a lump on her neck in the spring of 1987, underwent numerous rounds of radiation and Chemotherapy and passed away October 1987. Needless to say, the specialist was wrong about her living another ten years and ended up passed away from cancer himself two years after her.

My Grandma died at 68 years old within a 6-month span of being diagnosed and went from being healthy to bedridden with her body full of cancer.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her or miss her. I was a teen when this happened, it left a lasting impression, and I am impressed with how many advances have evolved over the years.

I only wish there were organizations like Cancer Treatment Centers of America back in the 80’s I am certain my Grandmother would still be alive to have celebrated a ten year time being cancer free.

There are many Cancer Treatment Centers of America locations, and they use leading technology to treat cancer like my Grandma had aggressively.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

When my Grandma was sick, it was a very stressful time for the entire family. Cancer Treatment Centers of America does their best to make treatment as stress-free as possible by taking care of every detail from gathering your medical records, to scheduling your appointments to booking your travel and lodging. Their team cares and does everything they can so that cancer patients can focus on healing.

If you have a family member, who is diagnosed with cancer, contact Cancer Treatment Centers of America to find out who they can help.

Steve is a race car, boat loving Dad with a love for adventure. When he is not bungie jumping off a bridge he is playing Monopoly with his kids or working on re-building a classic car.
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