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Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Home for Traveling

When renting a home for traveling, the entire process must go smoothly. Because of this, there are some common mistakes to avoid when renting homes for corporate stays.


Some of the mistakes you should avoid when renting a home for traveling include not checking the home’s location, not reading reviews or communicating with the landlord, not knowing local regulations, booking last minute, and more.

If you avoid these major mistakes, it’s almost impossible that the process of renting a home for your next corporate stay will be complicated.

Not Checking the Location of the Home

The first and one of the most crucial mistakes you can make is not checking the home’s location before renting. Although this may seem obvious, this is a much more common issue than one may think.

Many corporate rentals will not be ideal or as ideal simply because those in charge of renting them did not consider the amenities and location needed for the best operation possible.

By not checking the home’s location or not checking it as accurately as you should, you’ll be making a crucial mistake that can be easily avoided by a simple map search and a quick consideration of where the ideal location should be.

Not Reading Reviews

Another widespread mistake that can easily be avoided is not reading the reviews on either the specific rental property or the company renting out the property you’re looking to stay at. By not reading reviews, you’re essentially avoiding any information which may be crucial to your stay.

For example, there may be issues regarding the maintenance of the property or any infestations that should be considered and the validity of the company overall.

Reading reviews takes less than half an hour on average and can prevent any long-term dissatisfaction if you commit to renting a property without first establishing that the company and the property are reviewed well.

Not Communicating With the Landlord

Another huge issue that may create problems when renting homes for corporate stays while traveling is not communicating with the landlord. Communicating properly with your landlord is the key to having a great experience while renting. If you fail to do so, this can cause issues with miscommunication which may later devolve into personal problems that will fester and create a bad situation.

By communicating with the landlord both through the rental process and while renting, you’ll be able to ensure that you have a great rapport with your landlord.

This can be a fantastic thing to have, especially if you plan to stay long-term in your home for traveling.

Not Knowing Local Regulations

Another huge issue that may arise and a mistake that can be made when renting homes for corporate stays is not knowing local regulations and failing to investigate them before renting. This can be one of the most significant issues and can cause immense problems in the long run, so it’s essential to research this before making a move.

Many places will require copies of your passport upon arrival for short-term and long-term rentals while traveling. Because of this, it’s always good to be prepared for this possibility and have your passports ready upon arrival.

Another thing to look into is that depending on the location; you may be presented with a fee or a “tourist tax” while staying in your rental.

This is something to prepare and budget for, depending on the location where you are looking to rent.

Booking Last Minute

Another issue which can easily be avoided is booking at the last minute. Booking at the last minute is a major mistake, which can cause many problems if it’s not correctly avoided by booking rentals thoroughly in advance.

Although places like a hotel or apartment building may have hundreds of units, homes for corporate stays do not have them. These places are limited in number, and depending on the amenities, price range, and size range, there may only be several locations that match what you need.

Because of this, if you’re looking for a place to rent for traveling, avoid booking too close to the travel date. Instead, it’s ideal to find a place that allows for cancelation and then simply book in advance.

Overstocking or Understocking

Overstocking or understocking supplies is a common mistake that can easily be avoided. All the other mistakes that should be avoided primarily focus on finding and securing the rental area, but overstocking and understocking are completely valid issues that need to be avoided.

Whether you’re taking too much or too little, that can create long-term problems during the entirety of your stay. Because of this, it’s essential to ration and prepare a list of items needed for the duration and which items should be taken, and which should be acquired when you reach your rental.

By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid any miscommunication or issues which may arise at the rental home, and instead, you’ll have a competent amount of resources for your stay. By ensuring that you don’t take too much, you won’t be overcrowded or forced to sell items before your trip back, and by not taking too little, you won’t be forced to buy overpriced items for your rental.


Overall, these mistakes must be avoided when renting a home for traveling. Although most of the time, renting homes for corporate stays will succeed without a hitch, it’s essential to be prepared for any issues which may arise and be ready to resolve those issues if needed.

Remember, there’s no harm in double-checking on anything. And after all, double-checking can save you a lot of pain during your stay in the rental home you choose.

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