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Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make With A Cross-Country Move

Any kind of move is a challenge. However, when you’re moving from one side of the country to the other, whether it’s across state lines or even going coast to coast, a lot more prep is needed. It’s relatively easy to forget some of the essentials when you’re planning everything else. For that reason, here we are going to go other some of the mistakes that you shouldn’t be making, to ensure that you at least have “the biggies” taken care of.

Keeping House Clean

Trying to do it at the last minute

Don’t underestimate just how much of a logistical feat it is to plan a move including you and all of your possessions across hundreds of miles. You need to make sure that you’re getting in touch with moving companies ahead of time, booking them for your moving day as soon as you can. Preferably, this would be done at least three weeks before the big day itself. Then look closer at moving day planning lists and see if you’re making the kind of headway that you need each and every day. The later you leave it until you start planning, the more work you’re going to have to get done in a short time frame.

Taking everything and the kitchen sink with you

As you’re packing up, you should take a closer look at all the possessions that you’re thinking of moving. There’s a good chance that not everything really needs to be making that journey. Think about what you’re going to be doing with those possessions in the next year. If you don’t have an immediate answer, then there’s a good chance that you don’t need it as much as you think. Of course, there are some exceptions, like tools that might be needed to handle specific problems. But otherwise, you should find out more about how you can donate, sell, or otherwise get rid of the possessions that you don’t need in the most environmentally and economically sensible fashion.

Forgetting your car

If you’re driving yourself from A to B, then you might not worry too much about what you’re going to be doing with the car. However, if you’re not driving, then you need to start looking at other options immediately. You can learn more about your local car relocation services, for instance. Another option, though more expensive, is to have a concierge drive it for you. You may be able to get a friend to drive it for less and take a trip back via plane or train, but usually, car moving companies are your best bet. Just make sure that you check that they’re free well ahead of moving day, as their schedules are going to be increasingly fuller as the day approaches.

Not having a plan for all of your assets

Long-distance moves can be complicated and, if you’re not able to get all of the moving vehicles that you need in time, you might be looking at having some possessions on your hands that you’re not able to move or get rid of in time. If that is the case, then you might want to look at storage options to give you a temporary solution. You can always hire a moving team to help you bring your possessions over on multiple trips, or you can go back to collect them yourself. Otherwise, you might have to get rid of items that you would rather keep and not always in the most efficient or economical way.

Protecting your belongings

Though professional moving companies are going to do what they can to secure your items, it is a simple fact that items can become damaged in transit. They can move out of their restraints, jostle, and bump into one another or the interior of the moving vehicle. The longer the trip, the higher the chances of having to cover the costs of some damage. As such, you might want to learn more about valuation protection for your items. This is effectively a form of short-term insurance that you can pay to make sure that you’re able to claim back the expenses that it would take to cover any items that get damaged in transit.

Not being ready for the long drive

You’re not just moving a long distance, you are also traveling a long distance. If you’re traveling by plane or methods other than driving, then it comes relatively simple. However, if you’re driving, then you have to take the time to plan an entire road trip. This means routing your way there, including any necessary stops for fuel, food, and taking care of other needs. It also means making sure that your car is ready for a road trip by checking it in with your local garage. Keeping your kids entertained and your focus sharp for the trip is something to plan for, as well.

Not knowing where you’re going

If you’re moving to a whole new environment, you want to make sure that you don’t get caught too off-guard by what you find there. As such, it’s a good idea to make a trip to where you’re going to live ahead of time, especially if you’re moving with the family. You can take the time to scope out your neighborhood, help get your kids used to the new space, and even excited by some of the amenities and attractions nearby. It’s not a bad idea to introduce yourself to some of your neighbors if you’re moving into a suburban area as well to help build your sense of community and get to know which of them might be better to get to know further.

The tips above are not a comprehensive guide to making your long-distance move. However, they can at least help you avoid some of the major disasters that you might make without the right prep work. Take care to consider everything that you need to move, what you need to do to make a home on the other side, and how to make it as efficient and safe as possible.

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