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Model Meals for Busy Moms

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Model Meals

As a mom of three children, I am always on the go. This year I’ve been focusing on my health and losing weight, which has been a big challenge when I’m not home every night to cook dinner. But, I haven’t let that stop me, and I’ve found alternative ways to eat healthy meals still without having to cook every night with Model Meals being my new favorite food delivery service.

I’ve tried many healthy delivery services in the New Year, and many of them deliver food that does pack in a whole lot of flavor. That wasn’t the case for Model Meals. Everything I ordered from Model Meals was delicious, boasted with flavor, and healthy.

Ordering is simple, and the menu is always changing. The company uses organic, local, small farm produce whenever possible and everything is seasonal. Their food is perfect for moms who want to eat healthily and lose weight naturally.

After ordering my food, I was sent an email with delivery instructions. When I woke-up in the morning, there was a giant white box with all my food for the week inside. Everything was wrapped in special wrapping with ice packs to stay cool until I was able to put it in my refrigerator.

Chicken ceasar salad

Then there is the food. The delicious food. The first day, I had the chicken caesar salad for lunch. The salad featured a generous serving of fresh chicken pieces, lettuce, and a herbed Caesar dressing. It was the perfect serving size to satisfy my hunger and give me the energy I needed to make it through the day.

Cooking vegetables

Dinner was my favorite. I savored every bite of a vegetable coconut curry with a roasted root vegetable medley. The meal came with cooking instructions, and it only took a few minutes to heat up the dinner on my stovetop. The dinner packed a huge amount of nutritional goodness, and I slept wonderfully that night after giving my body the nutrition it needed.

Model Meals Coconut curry chicken

Vegetarian model meals

If you’re a busy mom like myself and want to make sure you are eating healthy, I recommend giving Model Meals a try. You won’t have to worry about not having a meal in your refrigerator at night, and will have an enormous amount of energy to keep up with the kids. Learn more about Model Meals online.

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