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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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A Mom With Your Own Business? Keep Sane and Healthy With These Top Tips

Ensuring a business stays afloat in these times is hard enough, doing it while trying to be the perfect mother can feel impossible at times. Your time will be pulled in all directions to the point where your health might be in danger. This applies to both your mental health, and your physical health. However, it’s perfectly doable.

There are so many mothers out there running their own businesses and succeeding in doing so. However, everyone is different. Your family life might not be the same as theirs. For example, perhaps you’re a single mom, or you don’t have the family support network in place that others have. Whatever way you look at it, there are certainly ways for you to continue to enjoy life, and to make equal time for your family and your business. These tips can help ensure your health and sanity stay at a good level.

Find Time To Relax

Amongst everything that’s going on, it’s really important that you find time to relax as best you possibly can.If you can’t find this time then you’re going to end up putting too much pressure on yourself. Downtime is important as a mom, and a business owner. When you’re both, it’s even more pertinent. It’s because time is a valuable thing in both of these areas, so finding moments for yourself is really tough. Whether it’s finding time to get out for a run, watch your favourite TV show or to break out the CBD Lubricant and have some fun with your partner. Try to be more structured in your relaxation time. If you can’t snatch time here and there, you might be better off blocking out an hour or so in your week so that you have a guaranteed time to kick back and relax. This is a little extreme in some cases, but it ensures you really get the time you need. In that time, you might want to get someone to look after the kids depending on how old they are. But you do need to turn off your work phone so that you can properly switch off and do what you love.

Try To Eat Together

Eating together as a family is really important, especially if you’re super busy most of the time running your own business. It can be hard to get some proper family time. This gets even harder as the kids get older and want to go off and do their own thing. Be regimented with the meal time and use it to find out what’s going on in their lives. It gives you that opportunity to make good connections which you might not be able to do at other times due to being so busy. Plus, if you are really busy, it gives you that time to eat a proper meal instead of grabbing snacks and fast food. Once you’re properly into the routine it’ll become pretty easy to keep up with. The only problem might be in the cooking of the meal, which can sometimes take a bit of time. Maybe you can share this burden with the kids, if they’re old enough of course.

Keep Fit

Sure, relaxing for you might include something which could be seen as exercise. But if your business is online based, it means you’ll spend most of your time glued to the computer. Staring at your website, facts and figures, replying to emails etc. It doesn’t leave much room for fitness. But keeping fit is a vital part of ensuring your health doesn’t deteriorate and it’s also brilliant for your wellbeing, promoting good mental health and ensuring your body is in good shape. Try to start walking. If you’re on the phone a lot, stand up and walk around your home office. Better yet, consider getting out of the office and going for a walk outside. You can even do this before you start work if you want to do it undisturbed. Do it with friends and family too. This means you can get some socialising in while keeping fit. You should get your heart rate up a few times a week too. Go for a run instead of a walk. Again, it’s all about routine. Although it’s pretty hard to really get into one, once you’re there it’ll become the norm and you can completely guarantee that you’ll feel much better for it.

Leverage Industry Expertise

It’s common for a business owner to take on too much work. You’ll want to do everything. Every single facet involving your business. However, when you’re a mom too, you might just not have the time. It’s why you should consider getting some professional help. No only does this save you time, but it also means you can have an industry expert look at a specific part of your business that you might not know much about. Maybe you need an SEO Adelaide expert to help rank you. Perhaps you’re selling on Amazon and need an FBA agency to give you a push. Maybe you’re having trouble with filing your taxes, which can be pretty complex and want to hire a firm to help you get it all right. Same with accounting. Trying to get your head around these types of things can be pretty frustrating if you’ve got no experience with them, and it’ll take some research and time to be able to do them properly. Free up your time by getting the experts in. Your business will only benefit from it too.

Use Friends And Family

Sometimes getting sitters can be pretty troublesome. You have to vet them, you have to ensure they’re good people. You can get around this by using friends and family. Sometimes business requires you to be available in pretty short notice. Maybe you need to meet a client, or maybe you need to fill in for staff shortages. Either way, being able to jump in can really help meaning the kids need to go somewhere. Having those relationships with friends and family makes all the difference. It can work the other way too. Maybe you don’t want them to babysit your kids, but instead perhaps you’re thinking about getting them to help out with your business. Having that close group of friends and family can just make everything that little bit easier. People who you can trust, and depend upon. Remember though, this goes both ways. You need to be able to help them too when they’re in need.

Hire Right

Time is pretty stretched because business is getting busy? Maybe it’s time to hire someone to help. It’s perfectly normal to need to hire. A lot of business owners don’t like to do it because they’re spending money, but to truly grow you need to hire people to help you out. This way you can get more work done and serve more customers. The key is in the right hire. You don’t want to rush it and end up hiring the wrong person for the job. They’ll do your business more harm than good. A good hire can save you time, all while adding incredible value to your business. At the same time, you need to remember that you get what you pay for. You can’t expect the world from someone if you only pay them minimum wage. It just doesn’t work like that. To get the best candidates applying, consider outlying the exact qualifications and experience you require. It saves people time because they then won’t apply to a job they have no chance of getting, and saves you time because you don’t have to sift out people with no hope. Hire right and you’ll find you have way more time for family and other aspects of your business.

Partner Up

Going into a partnership with someone is a big decision to make. However, if it’s a successful dynamic, you can pretty much ensure someone else is just as invested as you are, while they take care of up to 50% of the business. The benefit is that you can partner up with someone who has a skill that you don’t. For example, if you want to create a presence on social networks, you’d target someone who has skill with social media management. They need to add value to the business, as well as capital. If you’re really finding that you’re struggling, then going down this route can give you the time you need to spend with your family as well as ensuring your business continues to grow. Of course, the downside is that you forgo pretty much 50% of your business profit, but it’s always going to be worthwhile if you can grow it to new heights. People sell off parts of their business all the time. Remember, it doesn’t have to be 50% either, it can be any variable, but if you sell less, they’ll be less likely to pump their time and energy into the business. Vet them completely and make sure they’re going to put their time to your business, not just their money.

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