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Mommy & Me Decor: Transforming Your Child’s Room Together

As a busy mom, I know time is precious. You want to do all the good things, but there are only 24 hours each day. Thank goodness for time savers! When decorating my baby’s nursery, I realized vinyl wall decals could jazz up boring walls without draining time. That discovery began my passion and business: Just Sayin’ Vinyl, vinyl wall decals for home and kids.


Devoting my career to helping families personalize wall space made me realize something big. Transforming your child’s room can be a great activity to do along with your child to promote creativity, encourage independent thought, and make memories. Here are four ideas to get you started!

1. Choose Vinyl Wall Decals Together

My favorite way to personalize a room! Together, you and your little one can pick a message that speaks to you and your family. Some of the favorites in my shop include:



2. Have Fun Choosing Paint Colors together

Go to a home improvement store with your little one and look at paint samples. If you’re worried about “bold” choices, try picking eight great options and allow them to choose. You both will love the final product!

Interior of nursery.Bedroom for child. 3d render.

Interior of nursery.Bedroom for child. 3d render.

3. Make It Fun & Educational

Sure, the whole process will be a blast for your child (and you!), but that doesn’t mean it cannot also be educational. Make it a lesson on color, size, and budget. And choose educational items!


With this alphabet vinyl wall decal, you can point to letters together as you apply it to the wall and list as many words you can think of that start with that letter.

4. Let Them Go Wild!

Your child’s room is not your dining room, so extending freedom for creative expression is possible. As their one space in the world right now, it’s the perfect room to let them figure out who they are.

Crayons on a table in child room

Crayons on a table in child room

Our unicorn wall decal is perfect for getting kids to express their creativity by colouring in the lines (and outside them too!). Make sure you use blackboard paint and chalk, or provide wash off crayons.

Interior of cozy nursery. Frontal view. 3d render.

Interior of cozy nursery. Frontal view. 3d render.

These four tricks will help you transform their room while making incredible memories together!

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