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Moms Helping Moms to Encourage Healthy Oral Hygiene

This post and party were sponsored by ACT Kids Toothpaste but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Once Spring Break ended and the kids went back to school, I invited some of my friends to come over for a morning full of fun and friends. Whenever I get together with my girlfriends, we always end up talking about the same thing – our parenting struggles. One of the biggest struggles that most of my friends have is with teaching their children to have good oral hygiene.

According to a recent survey, more than half of moms (56%) say they struggle with getting their kid(s) to brush their teeth every day and even more (69%) say they wish getting their kid(s) to brush their teeth was easier. In fact, 52% of moms say they would give up their “me time” for a month if it meant they never had to battle with their kid(s) again to get them to brush their teeth.*

It is hard to find ways to make caring for your teeth fun for kids, and so I planned a theme around our recent Mommy morning and made it all about making oral hygiene fun.

One way that I have made it fun and exciting for my children to care for their teeth is to purchase products that feature their favorite characters on the bottles. A product that I have recently discovered is ACT Kids Toothpaste. Most of the ACT products feature a character that my kids know and love. The new ACT Kids Toothpaste in the Bubblegum Blowout flavor doesn’t feature a character on the bottle but is an all-time favorite in my household because my children love the scent and the flavor. I won’t allow my kids to chew bubblegum, so it gives them an opportunity to feel like they are getting to experience bubblegum. Since I love the ACT Kids brand so much, I put together cute goodie bags for my friends with a tube of ACT Kids Toothpaste, a tooth brushing timer, and tooth erasers.

When my friends walked into my house, they were thrilled to learn that I was doing something fun and new with our get together. Everyone filled their plates with delicious empanadas and fresh fruit before going out to my backyard to talk and catch-up.

It was great to have some “mom time” after the busy Spring Break days of keeping the kids entertained. While we were talking, we all started sharing tips and tricks that have been successful in our homes with helping our children have good oral hygiene habits. That was when I passed out to everyone a tooth brushing chart that I use in my home. I hang the chart up on the wall in my children’s bathroom, and they color in the graphics every day after they have brushed and flossed. It has helped me with knowing if they have brushed without nagging them every morning and night. It has made brushing fun in our home, and all of my friends were thrilled to have a new chart to use in their homes as well.

We also talked a lot about how feeding our children a well-balanced diet can help with caring for our kid’s teeth. Since we all know the importance of our children’s diet, we shared some healthy and easy recipes that we have all been cooking recently in our homes.

Our time felt so short, and before we knew it, my kids were walking in the front door. My son demonstrated for my friends how he brushes his teeth and everyone loved the smell of the Bubblegum Blowout toothpaste. Everyone left inspired to help their children have better oral hygiene habits and to try and prevent their children from getting cavities. Later that night, my cell phone exploded with text messages from my friends telling me how much their children enjoyed the toothpaste and the fun teeth-themed matching game that I gave everyone to bring home.

Approximately 25% of children have cavities before entering kindergarten, and 80% will get a cavity by the age of 18.** Help prevent your children from getting cavities by promoting good oral hygiene with your children and get tips from your friends on what is successful in their household.

*This survey was sponsored by Sanofi Consumer Healthcare and conducted online using Toluna’s QuickSurveys methodology between February 13, 2017 and February 14, 2017 among 1,150 moms with children between the ages of two and 12 in the USA. Respondents for Toluna QuickSurveys are selected from among those who have agreed to participate in Toluna surveys.

Toluna’s SmartSelectTM methodology was used to promote sample representativeness. SmartSelect relies on statistical matching rather than probability sampling to select survey respondents, based on demographic, attitudinal and behavioral characteristics that match those of the target population. Figures for age, gender, region, race/ethnicity, education and income are also weighted to bring them into line with their actual proportions within the population. Because the sample is based on those who agreed to participate in Toluna surveys, no estimates of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

**NIH Consensus Statement, Diagnosis and Management of Dental Caries Throughout Life. Vol. 18, Number 1, March 2001.

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