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The Monkeys of Mayakoba Mexico

We stayed as a guest of Mayakoba

Spider Monkey at the Fairmont in Mayakoba

When I was booking a mother and daughter getaway to Mayakoba, Mexico, I learned that they have wild monkeys who live in the trees surrounding Mayakoba. While flying to Mexico, my daughter couldn’t stop talking about how excited she was to have the possibly of seeing a wild monkey in the jungles of Mayakoba.

Wild monkey in Mexico

Moneky at the Fairmont Mayakoba Mexico

The minute that we checked into the Fairmont Mayakoba, we asked the front desk about the monkeys. The advised us that many monkeys are living around the Fairmont Mayakoba, and guests do frequently see them at the resort. They are a wild animal, so we were not guaranteed to see one while staying at the resort.

Interacting with a wild monkey in Mexico

Monkeys in Mayakoba Mexco

Throughout our stay, we asked many people if they had seen a monkey. Everyone we asked had told us that they had not seen one. We kept seeing a lot of animals while visiting Mayakoba – but no monkeys. We saw giant iguanas, coatis, and even crocodiles. We were just about to give-up on the fact that we were going to see a monkey until on the afternoon of our last day in Mayakoba when we walked out our hotel door to find a monkey waiting for us right outside our hotel door. It was like he was looking for us to welcome us to Mayakoba.

Monkey walking around Mayakoba

Seeing a monkey at the Fairmont Mayakoba

We couldn’t believe our eyes. The spider monkey looked at us for a little bit and then started to walk around the resort. We kept a safe distance not to frighten the animal and watched it walk around. The monkey was one of the most beautiful creatures that we had seen, and getting to see a monkey in the wild was a once in a lifetime experience.

Monkey walking around a hotel

Wild monkey attempting to ride a bike

My daughter and I will never forget this moment, and I highly recommend bringing your family to Mayakoba to see animals living in the wild. Learn more about Mayakoba online, Facebook, and Twitter.

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