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Monster’s Inc. 3D in Theaters Now

Monsters Inc. 3D

“Monster’s Inc. 3D” is now playing in theaters. The movie was originally released on November 2, 2011, and now returns to remastered to the big screen for families to enjoy. Taking this classic film to a new level took the talent of 14 professionals  over the course of a year to create. While transitioning the film to 3D, director Pete Doctor, used three C’s for creating the film:

Comfort “We want to make our films easy to watch so that you get lost in the story,” says Whitehill, assuring the 3D element does not create a strain or become a distraction for the audience.

Consistant – “Monsters, Inc.” in 3D must remain true to the original film. Filmmakers consider 3D a tool to enhance the original version of the film.

Captivating – “We also want to make it very rewarding – engaging, deep and immersive – and make it a unique 3D experience,” says Whitehill.

“Monsters, Inc.” is truly a captivating movie for your family to enjoy watching during winter break. “Monsters, Inc. 3D” is in theaters now.

Photo courtesy of Disney Pixar.

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