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Morning Routine That Leaves Me Rested and Refreshed

It’s the morning, and you’re tired. You’ve got things to do, but all you want to do is lie on the couch in your pajamas for a few hours with Netflix. Most moms know the feeling but have responsibilities to do that keep them from hanging out and staying in their pajamas. Whether you stay home with the kids or you work inside or outside of the home, these morning rituals will help you get and get everyone going so that you can work or get the kids off to school.

The Alarm

The alarm is the first thing you hear when you wake up in the morning. It’s an important part of your morning routine, so make sure it’s set up to be effective. Use a timer or an app on your phone to set your alarm as close to your desired wake-up time as possible. This way, you’ll get used to waking up at that time eventually and won’t have to rely on any other sources of motivation aside from the fact that it’s what you’ve been doing for a while now.

Get up when the alarm goes off. You might be used to snoozing your alarm, but it’s best to at least sit up in bed to get your blood flow moving. Most people report feeling more drowsy when they hit the snooze button over and over than they do on the mornings when they turn off the alarm and get up right away.

Stretch Your Body

You just woke up and your body is still getting the sleepiness to go away. Doing some light stretching when you first wake up helps not only improve your flexibility but also improve blood flow, which can help to energize you for the rest of the day. A good stretch will make you feel instantly refreshed.

Drink Lemon Water

Get your digestive system moving before you even eat anything. Drink a tall, cool glass of lemon water to help flush out your system, hydrate your cells, and give you a morning boost. Lemons are great for giving you more energy and for making you feel refreshed.

Eating Breakfast

Moms are often tempted to skip breakfast, but there are countless reasons to eat it. Unless you’re doing intermittent fasting or there’s another reason to wait for your first meal of the day, eating a balanced and healthy breakfast can give you a good start to the day.  

Eating breakfast helps you lose weight and reduce health risks, including heart disease and diabetes. The key to this is eating foods that are high in protein, which will help you feel full longer so that you’re less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks later in the morning. Try to avoid things like sweetened cereal, because you’ll most likely be hungry within an hour or two of eating it.

Skin Care

In the morning, make it a point to do the following things. Wash your face and moisturize with a quality product like a stem cell moisturizer. You’ll also want to apply light sunscreen for those moments when you need to go outside.

Change of Clothes

 Changing clothes is a great way to start the day. It helps you feel more awake, confident, prepared for the day, and productive. Changing clothes also gives an energy boost that gives you focus. Some people like to choose their outfits the night before so that they don’t need to think about it first thing in the morning.

Get the Kids Ready

Depending on your house and your kids, this can be the hardest part. Set yourself up for success by preplanning breakfast, their outfits, and more. Make sure their homework and bags are already at the door. Better yet, put them in the car before you go to bed the evening before. This will ensure you have everything you need for the next morning. Create routines so that your kids know what to expect in the morning.


Creating a morning routine is critical if you want your day to go well. Knowing what you’re going to do next can alleviate a lot of pressure and stress. Plus, washing your face, putting on moisturizer, and even stretching can be refreshing at any time of the day. Give this routine a try to see how it helps you stay refreshed in the mornings.

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