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Mother Daughter Training at MEEDO Taekwondo

We attended as a guest of the venue

My daughter and I provided with a complimentary month membership at MEEDO Taekwondo. When I told my 6-year-old daughter that she was very excited and I was more than a little apprehensive.  Being a mom in my 40’s, the old saying of “teaching an old dog, new tricks” kept bouncing in my head!  Needless to say, now having been through it, I am very excited and thrilled with the outcome.


I attended the Taebo classes during the day and found that this is a full body workout.  “Tae” means leg and it relates to kicks and your lower body  and “bo” refers to  boxing so think punches and lots of upper body movements.  Taebo will tone your arms, back, shoulders and legs but also your core.  If you are like this mom, who hates working her midsection, this is the workout for you.  It is a fun, upbeat workout and you feel amazing at the end of every class.

IMG_4237 IMG_4106

Head Master Seok-Ho and Master Anthony are amazing with the children.  They have a way of putting the kids at ease and really bring out the best in them.  My daughter was a little shy on her first visit but Head Master Seok-Ho made her feel at ease immediately.  Master Seok-Ho and Master Anthony both work with the kids throughout the class and help them with their techniques.  At MEEDO, my daughter and I have found something that we can do together.  We are currently both working towards our “yellow” belts.

IMG_4220 IMG_5383

MEEDO Taekwondo just opened in Mission Viejo last February.  When Master Seok-Ho Han opened his studio, he know he wanted to make a bigger, better and safer studio.   With 2,600 square feet, they are the largest Taekwondo studio in Mission Viejo.  For added protection, the main gym is completely covered with double padded mats and topped with a moister proof vinyl layer which is sanitized after every class and all of the mirrors in the studio are earthquake-proof mirrors.  The studio has 2 fully equipped locker rooms and their restrooms are environmental friendly.  MEEDO is committed to helping protect the environment.


Another item that makes MEEDO a favorite with this mom is their Power Points Program.  At MEEDO Taekwondo, they believe rewarding the children’s good behavior will teach good values and good habits.  Children are given a monthly checklist with different responsibilities listed, (i.e. clean room, make bed, complete homework, etc), and they check off whether or not these are completed.  Students are encouraged to bring in their report cards, school work, and/or books they are currently reading to each practice and they will earn additional “power points”.    Rewards are patches for their uniforms and trophy’s.

MEEDO Taekwondo offers a variety of classes for people of all ages and experience.  Children classes (ages 5 -11), Jr Adults Classes (ages 12-17) and Adult Classes (18+) Check out their website or call  (949) 556-9550. MEEDO Taekwondo is located at 23065 Alicia Parkway Suite A, Mission Viejo, CA.

Chantile is a wife and stay at home mom to an amazing little girl. She is active in her daughters school, enjoys volunteering and is always looking for her next marathon or triathlon to tackle


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