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Should You Move Back Home After College

When you headed off to college, you probably assumed you would be ready to spread your wings and be financially independent after graduation.

Tips for going back to college

While that is certainly possible, many people are finding that the idea of returning home to regroup makes sense. There are benefits and drawbacks to moving back in with your parents, and only you can decide if it is the right choice.

Managing Your Finances

If financial concerns are the only thing making you consider moving back home, look for creative ways to make your budget work while living on your own. The idea of taking on all of your living expenses can be scary if you have never been responsible for that before, but it is something you will have to be comfortable with eventually. Taking smaller steps into adulthood is fine, and moving back home when you enter the workforce is one way to do that. Student loan debt is a reason many graduates move home after college. Student loan repayment can be difficult to manage on an entry-level salary. If you are facing this situation, consider refinancing your loans. Refinancing allows you to lower your monthly payments, freeing up money that you can use to cover your living expenses. If you are curious about how to refinance private student loans, you can learn more from this guide that explains the process.

Talk to Your Family

The decision to move back home involves everyone in the family. While your parents may be thrilled to have you back home, you should still take the time to discuss it with them before making your plans. The idea of living under the same roof as your parents may seem stifling after four years of living on your own, but if you both discuss expectations, it is possible for everyone to be happy. If you have siblings at home, discuss the issue with them as well. No matter how well you get along, it is normal for there to be some friction as everyone adjusts to their new normal. Being respectful of each other and agreeing to have regular conversations about the living situation is important if you hope to maintain healthy relationships.

Contribute What You Can

If you want to be treated as an adult, you need to act like one. This means contributing to the running of the household. You should clean up after yourself but look for other ways to contribute as well. While looking for ways to be helpful, it is important to respect boundaries. For example, if your mom always cooks dinner and enjoys it, she may not appreciate you taking that over in the name of helping. Better to take on another responsibility that will provide value. Just because you are living at home doesn’t mean you should not contribute toward your living expenses. Contributing even a small amount towards rent, paying for groceries, taking over one of the utility bills, or finding some other way to be sure that moving back home doesn’t place a financial burden on your parents ensures you will be welcome to stay as long as needed.

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