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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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These Movies Will Help You Relax This Weekend

There are always personalities and filmmakers who can turn on a light in our heads and make us smile. uplifting films In the same spirit, “cool movies” should be checked. 

We define chill movies as fun or soothing stories about laid-back characters or films plainly created by laid-back individuals. 

The movies are frequently filled with generosity and kindness.

Consider attending a performance by one of your favorite bands later in their careers before reading this list. 

You can’t always obtain what you desire, just like with a list. So, if you agree with us, make sure you download them from thenewpiratebay and chill this weekend.

1: Before Sunset

Before Sunset is the most relaxing picture in Linklater’s romance trilogy, but it’s not without its highs and lows. 

However, Celine’s and Jesse’s reunion is a film full of light that shines off the screen every second. 

Celine and Jessie are at their most calm with one another on a peaceful walk-and-talk. 

There are some awkward moments, problems, and unhealed scars in Before Sunset, but for the most part, it’s a joyous reunion between two legendary characters at their most comfortable with themselves and one another. 

Before Sunset is still in the honeymoon phase. It’s not perfect, but it’s Linklater’s closest approach to perfection.

2: Ocean’s Eleven

Danny Ocean and his group deliver all the laughs you’ll need in one film, as well as some unexpectedly thoughtful moments. 

The Ocean’s 11’s is a relaxing, surprisingly heartfelt goodbye.

Fun fact: the remake was supposed to conclude with the crooks scattering among a throng at a casino, but despite some reservations from the cast, Soderbergh produced one of the greatest Hollywood endings ever. 

The tone of Ocean’s Eleven is endlessly enjoyable and unusual these days.

3: Tampopo

The pinnacle of food pornography is a film, which combines food and sex and love, which actually makes it a food porn. 

It’s a masterwork that spans several genres, including the western. 

On the surface, Tampopo is about a group of misfits banding together to create the finest dang ramen joint in town, which is owned by the eponymous character, Nobuko Miyamoto. 

It’s funny, it’s emotional, and it’s oh so lovable and delicious. Tampopo is a lovely place to visit. 

Itami’s cheerful gang of characters produces pyrotechnics even when they smile or experience the smallest of pleasures.

4: Harvey

Harvey recently celebrated his 70th birthday. This slice of life and magical realism hasn’t lost any of its allure after all these years. 

Elwood P. Dowd is played by James Stewart, a man who merely wants to drink and enjoy the company of his greatest buddy in the world, Harvey, a six-foot-tall bunny rabbit. 

It’s a buddy film in which one of the pals never appears on screen until a breathtaking scene that’s as much about the magic of friendship as it is about the magic of cinema. 

Harvey is a famous story about learning to accept someone’s harmless eccentricities and allowing them to enjoy themselves, no matter how ridiculous they appear.

5: Chef

In Chef, Jon Favreau is at his most relaxed and likable. Chef portrays an artist, both in front of and behind the camera, doing his thing without restraints. 

It’s both a cathartic and a mouth-watering film. Chef’s food porn is exquisite visual candy, but it’s hand-crafted and intimate, unlike most huge studio eye candy. 

It’s also a touching film about parenthood and artistry. The fundamental problem in Chef is balancing one’s personal life and job, which I’m sure is nothing new to any working filmmaker. 

Personal stakes and tragedy are there, yet both are handled with the finesse of an all-star chef. It’s a light supper with plenty of flavor.

Start Watching!

You can be pent up in your house, depressed about the situation of the world. 

The news is continually telling you that everyone is terrified, and it appears that there is no way out of this bleak scenario we’ve landed in this COVID19 era.

It’s critical to have an escape plan in situations like this. 

For the most part, that escape is a good film. 

However, you definitely don’t want to see a depressing film that will just make you feel worse. You want a movie where you can lose yourself in serenity.

So, watch them NOW.

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