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Moving? 8 Tips to Help Your Child Adjust

As much as moving is taxing for you, it’s probably frustrating and even more challenging for your kids. Besides the sudden change of environment and the hassle of moving to a new school, your child will also feel a social disconnect from the previous home and have difficulty connecting with other kids in the new neighborhood.

If you are moving to a new town, city, or different state, you should prepare your kids for this transition. Typically, you want to be honest about the hassle and stress of moving, listen to your kids’ concerns, show empathy and assure them of your support as they adjust to the new home. Here are the eight tips you can use to help your child adjust as you move.

Plan a Moving-Out Party

As the name suggests, a moving-out party is a small celebration that marks the last days in your current residence. You can invite your neighbors, kids’ friends, parents, favorite teacher(s), and close family members and relatives. During this time, encourage your kids to collect their friends’ addresses, emails, and phone numbers so they can keep in touch. 

Have a Fun Day-Out Before You Move Out

Before moving out to your new home, you can plan a final day out for the entire family, where you can visit your favorite restaurant, shopping center, mall, or park. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the more fun and memorable, the better. As you plan for this day-out, watch your kids’ reactions and promise them to do more of the same once you move to your new home. This will help them envision the move as something fun and rewarding.

Embrace the Idea of Relocating 

Telling your kids that you are moving to a new neighborhood and are never coming back can be challenging. However, it’s one of those things you don’t have a better alternative, plus they will understand as they grow. One way you can embrace the idea of relocating isn’t to lie about how incredible the new home is but rather to be happy and excited about the change. If you are stressed and bothered by the move, your child will take note and be stressed too.

Help Them Prepare for the Move Out

Most parents make the mistake of making their children feel like victims whenever they move out. Children often have an emotional attachment to their rooms, favorite holiday toys, books, and even drawings and pictures. Ideally, you want to have the kid’s belongings well-organized in boxes and everything in the perfect place before moving. You can also have them play in their rooms as you take the rest of the items into the moving truck. This ensures minimal distractions and disorganization, which would otherwise make them upset and uncomfortable.

Give Your Kids Some Control 

Giving your kids some control is a great way to ensure your child participates in the moving process and feels they have their concerns heard and respected. For instance, consider asking your child to create a list of the things they love and would love to take with them. You can also help them brainstorm the things they would love to explore once you move into the new home. That could be visiting the best pizza spot in the new city, going to the park or playground, feeding a giraffe in a nearby zoo, etc.

Introduce Your Family to New Neighbors

Once you’ve moved to your new home, your child will have difficulty adjusting to the new environment. As a parent, you should help them feel welcomed in the new neighborhood. Consider approaching a few neighbors during the first week and introducing your family to them. This does not have to be a big deal. If you do this right, some families will be glad to have you around, and your kids will eventually have friends to play with. 

Encourage Your Child to Join a New Team or Club 

Once it’s time to find a new school, encourage your child to join a new club or sports team, depending on their interest. This will further help them meet new friends and sharpen their social skills. Where possible, talk to the teachers and find out what’s available and what can suit your child better. 

Schedule Day Trips and Weekend Outs around Your New Town

After relocating, most parents are so focused on settling in and getting everything up and running that they forget their promises to their children. Remember the list of favorite places to visit after moving out? Well, this is the time to prove to your kids that you care and take their promises seriously. Begin by looking for the best places around where you can take your entire family for a day or weekend out. Create a schedule for when to visit these places and make every visit fun and worthwhile.

The Bottom Line

With proper planning, moving to a new home doesn’t have to be challenging or frightening for your kids. Take the time to listen to them, plan the move together and help them cope with the social and emotional disconnect as they transition to a new home and environment.

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