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Moving Out Of State? Top Tips For Making It A Stress-Free Move

We all know house moves are one of the most stressful things you can do, and adding in moving to a different state can amp up the stress. It means you’re going to want to do everything you can to reduce stress and anxiety during this enormous undertaking. Thankfully there are several ways to achieve this so that you can enjoy settling into your new home immediately.


If you don’t have many possessions to move and feel up for an adventure, you may decide that packing and moving everything yourself is right for you. However, if you have a large house to shift or just don’t want the hassle of a long drive pulling a U-Haul, then hiring a moving company is the way to go. Treating yourself to a pack and move service gives the ultimate stress-free interstate move. The movers come in and pack your possessions before loading them up and taking them across the country for you.

Early booking of a removal company or trailer ensures you will get the best offers and availability that suits you best. Waiting to book at the last minute will add easily avoided emotional and financial stress.

Vehicle Transportation

Now you’ve organized having the house contents moved, it’s time to think about any vehicles you own. Long interstate drives put a lot of wear on cars and is tiring to undertake for people and pets. Check out reviews of Sherpa Auto Transport to find the ideal company to transport your car safely for you. With options for classic cars, motorbikes, and other specialist vehicles, you’ll travel to your new state comfortably without incurring excessive wear and mileage on your vehicle.

If you have decided to undertake the long drive by yourself, get your car and yourselves adequately prepared for the trip. Cover yourself from breakdowns by having the vehicle serviced to ensure it’s in roadworthy condition and check your insurance includes a full breakdown service. The last thing you need is an unscheduled pitstop delaying things by several days.


No doubt you’re itching to get into your new home and start unpacking, but after the rush of sending everything off and traveling yourself, a goodnight’s rest is imperative. Long-distance travel can take the best part of the day, even if you’re flying, so if you’re going to be getting in late, book an alternative accommodation for the night. Spending the night in a decent hotel allows you to enter your new home fresh and start settling in properly in a coherent manner. You’ll thank yourselves later for tackling the big unpacking faze feeling relaxed and unstressed.

Looking after your stress levels by outsourcing big tasks such as packing and moving house contents and vehicle transportation will make an out-of-state move easier. Continuing that self-care once you arrive by allowing time to rest in a hotel will keep stress levels low. All you need to worry about after is settling in and exploring your new home.

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