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MTOC Mary Poppins is a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Good Time!

Looking for a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious good time? Then look no further than Musical Theatre Orange County’s (MTOC) production of Mary Poppins.

Lori Atkins Producer of Mary Poppins

Each year Lori and Mitch Atkins along with their talented team bring to life a Broadway caliber musical extravaganza. How do I know this? Well my family and I have been going for over 6 years which means it’s officially our family’s tradition to go to MTOC’s summer production!

Mary Poppins The Musical

Through the years I’ve gotten to know Lori Atkin, co-founder of MTOC and even stalk the MTOC Instagram so around February I knew what show was coming up. Having seen their production of Mary Poppins in 2015, I wondered how and if the production would differ, happy to say that not only was the show different, but it also blew me away. First they broadened on the story line giving Mr. and Mrs. Banks an identity instead of just being Jane and Michael’s parents and employers of Mary Poppins.

MTOC production of Mary Poppins

The focus of the production wasn’t so much Mary Poppins, even though it was her show, but of the children and family dynamic. Having given a backstory on George Banks such as his upbringing, lack of love from his parents, and his spirit breaking nanny as well as Winifred’s life as an actress before motherhood gave the audience the ability to fully grasp the family and their internal struggles. Since the introduction of Mary Poppins in 1934 we came to see the family as two dimensional, the world was what it was during that era and that was why they needed a nanny to bring happiness into the lives of the children. MTOC took the Mary Poppins tale and made it three dimensional by explaining the emotional depth as to why the entire family not just the children needed Mary Poppins.

Musical Theatre Orange County

After reading this you are probably thinking this is way too heavy for children to understand and that’s where Mitch Atkins’ magic comes in. Having worked for the Disneyland Resort for 28 years, the last 16 as a Technical Director with Disney Creative Entertainment, Mitch has this unique ability to see and create magic in ways that most can’t. He and Lori also have the ability to find the most perfect team to bring and add to their vision.

Mary Poppins Theatre Production

Their amazing team of directors, choreographers, and designers are a huge reason why the show was so enjoyable. As an audience member you take for granted how much work goes into to the flawless production. You’ve got the cast of 50+ ranging from about 7 to adult, that you have to direct, dress, teach lyrics and lines as well as dance moves. Mind you these are everyday people like you and I (highly talented everyday people) not Broadway trained Julliard graduates on Broadway.

The cast of Mary Poppins

The 2.5 hour show is filled with new songs and dances not seen on the big screen which were brought to us by Choreographer Daniel Solis and Music Director Colson Barkley who also happens to be Bert! I’m going to gush about Colson real quick and say he is Bert! I am a huge fan of Dick Van Dyke and no one could ever hold a candle to his Bert until Colson. He not only looks like he could be related to Dick Van Dyke, he also has the appeal of Dick. You can see the kindness and lovability of Bert through Colson. So he was not only Musical Director but he also took on a giant role as Bert, blew me away and did everything really well while also planning for his wedding in two months!

The devotion, blood, sweat, and tears that Mitch, Lori, Colson, Daniel, Britany Callahan (Director), Brian Sandahl (Set Design), Evelyn Perez (Costume Designer), Nick Van Houten (Lighting Designer), Christine Peterson (Production Stage Manager), Danielle Schaefer (Assistant Choreographer), as well as the entire cast have put into Mary Poppins made the experience one of my favorite.

As you can see I’m a huge fan of MTOC and I really hope that you can make it to this amazing production so that you and your family can have a dociousaliexpilisticfragicalirupes good time.

MTOC Mary Poppins Ticket Information

Tickets are on sale right now for MTOC’s production of Mary Poppins for August 2-4. You can purchase you tickets online at Also MTOC provides a variety of classes and camps in voice, piano, and acting, as well as set, prop, costume and studio rentals. For more information please check out their website at

Naz Nodjoumi has lived in Orange County for over 35 years. She married the guy she sat next to in French class at WHS (go warriors), graduated UCI (zot zot zot) and has two kids. She’s grown up along side this once sleepy County and loves learning more and more about the ins and out of its great cities. When she’s not chauffeuring her kids around town, she’s either cooking, volunteering, or snapping away on one of her cameras. She loves museums, theater, art, discovering fun facts as well as traveling.
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