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Mummies of the World: The Exhibition at Bowers Museum

entrance to mummies exhibit at bowers

How many times in your life can you say that you’ve seen a real mummy? I am pushing close to almost 40 years of age, and until this past week, I would have said “never.” Our children have a unique opportunity to see ‘real’ mummies without the high expense of traveling to Egypt in an education and non-scary environment for a limited-time at the ‘Mummies of the World: The Exhibition’ exhibit at The Bowers Museum.

entrance to the bowers museum

I was skeptical at first about visiting this exhibition. Some of the questions I asked myself were: Would it be scary? Would kids be fearful of it? Would it give them nightmares?

The mummies exhibition

small head of a tribal mummy


skeleton heads

The minute that I stepped foot into the exhibit, I was overwhelmed by the spirits in the room. I was looking at real people who lived a life similar to mine in a different era and walked the earth thousands of years ago. But, it wasn’t so much about the mummies I was looking at, but about their stories, their place in history.

preserved mummy

powerful museum exhibit

part of a mummy head

Orange County museum

I admired the research performed by the many archeologists who created the exhibit and displayed it in such a beautiful and tactful way. I immediately noticed the small attentions to details within the exhibit like the silk curtain screens and ambient lighting as to pay respect to the souls that are traveling with this exhibit.

OC Museum

Mummy case

Mummies exhibition

learning at bowers museum

I was overwhelmed by the power of the exhibit, and it left me speechless when asked what I thought of it. I feel like parents should take advantage of this rare educational opportunity with their children, and experience this exhibit multiple times while it is in Orange County. I plan to bring my children back during their spring break so they can learn about the history behind mummies.

learning about mummification

learning about mummies

learning about a mummy

hands on museum exhibit

What you need to know before going:

Your children will be seeing real mummies. Because of this, I recommend the exhibit for children 10+.

exploring the mummies exhibit


I recommend that you educate your children on this history of mummification before visiting the exhibit, and prepare them by sharing some of the photos in this story of what they are going to be seeing. This way, they will get the most out of their experience (this exhibit is amazing for OC homeschooling moms).

egypt tribal artifacts

egypt signs

decomposing body

bowers museum

Finally, encourage your children to participate in the hands-on part of the exhibit. There are multiple parts of the exhibit where children can be immersed in the ancient world of mummification through touch, sound, and sight.

artifacts from egypt

ancient tribal heads

ancient artifacts

a skeleton from a mummy

Make sure and bring your children for a rich cultural experience and explore Mummies of the World: The Exhibition at The Bowers Museum. The exhibition opens on March 19th, and will be in Orange County for a limited time.

a real mummy

a preserved person

a mummy

a family of mummies

The Bowers Museum is located at 2002 N Main Street in Santa Ana. They are open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. Tickets are available for purchase online at

a dead baby in the mummy exhibit

a dad mummy

a family of mummies

We attended a preview of the exhibit

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