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Musical Muppet Magic in Muppets Most Wanted


Photo courtesy of Disney

Photo courtesy of Disney

The Muppets are back again with their all-new film “Muppets Most Wanted.” As a child, I would pretend I was Ms. Piggy floating in a boat while listing to Kermit’s song “The Rainbow Connection” on my record player. I was hoping that the music the new film would be as good as the music in “The Muppet Movie,” and it far exceeded my expectations creating Musical Muppet Magic.


James Bobin and Bret McKenzie

We were honored to have an opportunity to speak with the filmmakers James Bobin (Director), Todd Lieberman (Producer), and Bret McKenzie (Music Supervisor) earlier in the month. The movie has such a wonderful emotional story that centers around the Muppets, but my curiosity laid on the development of the songs in the film.


Bret McKenzie

Bret McKenzie, talked about how he moved to LA to make the music for the film, and was in a little shop inside of a strip mall on Hollywood Boulevard next to dry cleaners  while developing the songs. “It was a dusty old shop with just a piano and couch that we called Muppet Solutions. Occasionally people walking by would hear me playing the piano, and come in to see if there were piano lessons happening,” said McKenzie.

Photo courtesy of Disney

Photo courtesy of Disney

“There was a little bit of pressure,” said McKenzie when talking about the expectations of the music for this film. “I had my Kermit the Frog phone that gave me a direct line to Kermit whom I could talk to about the songs,” said McKenzie.

After seeing the film for the first time at a pre-screening, I went right away to get the Muppets Most Wanted Soundtrack. It has been playing in our house non-stop for the past two weeks, and the music has brought such a happy uplifting feel to our home. We have even laughed together and with friends about the song “I’ll Get You What You Want,” which is my favorite song and scene in the film.

“You wanted the best Muppet Movie of all-time…they gave it to you…”

“Constantine will give you everything you want” out of this fun family film that will be in theaters on March 21st.


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