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Must-Try Camping Dutch Oven Dishes

Dutch oven dishes and camping are made for each other. The great thing about a Dutch oven is that you can make easy, one-pot dishes directly over the fire and then roast your marshmallows afterward. Win!

Five Camping Recipes

Of course, you’ll want a Dutch oven like the one at Uno Casa or similar, and you’ll want some tasty recipes for one-pot meals.

Here are some of our selections for you to whip up delicious meals while camping.

Campfire Sloppy Joes

This recipe serves 5 people.

1 pound ground beef
1 small onion, diced
1 stick celery, chopped
1/2 green pepper, diced
1 can chopped tomatoes
2 tablespoons ketchup
1 tablespoon brown sugar
Dash white vinegar
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce or similar
½ teaspoon garlic powder
¼ teaspoon paprika
4 hamburger buns, cut in half

Sauté the beef, onion, celery, and green pepper till the meat is cooked. Stir in the other ingredients and simmer uncovered for 40 minutes or till the mixture is heated through. Stir from time to time.
Serve by scooping the mixture of meat onto each bun.

Dutch Oven Nachos

This recipe serves 4 people.

2 tablespoons vegetable or olive oil
1 pound tortilla chips
2 cans El Paso taco sauce (or similar)
2 cups grated cheese (e.g., a combo of Monterey Jack and cheddar)
2 cans black beans, drained
2 avocados, cubed
8 green onions, finely sliced (optional)
2 handfuls fresh cilantro
Lime wedges (optional, for serving)
Sour cream (optional, for serving)

Use the oil to coat the inside of your Dutch oven so that the nachos won’t stick. Then spread 1/3 of the tortilla chips. Top with 1/3 of the taco sauce, 1/4 of the cheese, and some avocado, onions and cilantro. Repeat for the second and third layers.

Cover the Dutch oven. Place on top of a metal grill over your campfire till the cheese has melted (about 10 minutes). Serve with wedges of lime and/or sour cream.

Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew

This recipe serves 4 people.

1 tablespoon vegetable or olive oil
1 medium onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
1 sweet potato, peeled, chopped into small cubes
2 cups vegetable or another type of broth
1 can diced tomatoes (14 ounces)
1/4 cup peanut or almond butter
2 teaspoons chili powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 can chickpeas, drained (14 ounces)
2 handfuls kale, thick stems removed and chopped
Pot of sour cream (optional, for serving)

Heat the oil in your Dutch oven, then sauté the onion till translucent. Add the garlic and sauté for another minute.
Add the remaining ingredients, except the kale. Simmer uncovered for 20 minutes, stirring well. The sweet potatoes should be tender.

Add the kale and stir, heating further till the kale has wilted.
Serve (with sour cream, if you wish) and enjoy!

Dutch Oven Beef Stew

This recipe serves 4 people.

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 1/2 pounds cubed beef chunks (for stew)
1 large onion, diced
2 cloves minced garlic
Salt and pepper, to taste
1 can chopped tomatoes (14 ounces)
2 tablespoons flour
2 cans beef broth (10 ounces each)
Water (if needed)
4 potatoes, diced
2 carrots, sliced

Heat the oil in your Dutch oven. Add the beef and brown evenly (about 15 minutes). Add the onions and garlic and cook for 5 minutes more. Add salt and pepper and the canned tomatoes.
Sprinkle the flour over the mixture and stir well. Add the beef broth, stirring gradually. Check the liquid level. Add water so that the liquid covers the meat by 1 inch (if needed).
Cover and let simmer for 1 hour over the fire, or till the beef is tender.
Add the potatoes and carrots. Cook for 20 minutes more. Check the seasoning before serving.

Dutch Oven Mac n Cheese

This recipe serves 4 people.

2 cups macaroni
2 cups water
2 tablespoons butter
Pinch of salt
4 cups grated cheddar cheese
1 tablespoon mustard
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

Put the macaroni, water, butter, and salt into your Dutch oven and place on top of the fire. Cook for about 20 minutes or till the pasta is tender and most of the liquid is absorbed. If you are using a coal fire, you can put coals on top of your Dutch oven for a faster cooking time (10 minutes).
Remove the Dutch oven from the fire and stir in the remaining ingredients. Serve and enjoy!

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