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My Cinch Sack Burns Calories, Does Yours?

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I have no shame in admitting this, but sometimes I feel like I have a career to support my obsession with traveling! Sure I travel for work to exciting places such as Wisconsin during
the winter (ugh!) or to Palm Springs for a quick escape, but more frequently I travel around the world looking to take in new cultures, have adventures, and more importantly create memories with the people I love most.

But I’ll admit that 99% of the time, hitting the Residence Inn dungeon of a hotel gym is not at the top of my list! I’ve always struggled with a way to stay motivated to work out while on vacation and even when I try to wake up an hour before everyone else, tip-toeing around the room in the dark trying to find my running shoes, it really just doesn’t happen as often as I’d like…so I hit the snooze button instead.

Enter in the XBAR! XBAR literally is a six piece gym that fits in a cinch sack! I honestly didn’t believe it when I heard it, but when I opened the thin, sleek box at my home and I thought, “Wow, is this it?” It comes with:

Three resistance bands (if you’re ever taken a Pilates class or any set class at your local gym you’ll love these!) in 5lbs, 8lbs, and 12lbs

durable rubber gripped bar (this is the main piece and will be your new BFF)

Two small, sturdy rubber bases

workout manual (that’s super helpful with a ton of exercise ideas)

cutest cinch sack ever!

There’s no hardware, no tools, and you really don’t need a large space to use it. I mean as embarrassing as this is, I live in a 900 square foot apartment, and it worked great in my shoebox of a living room, so your next hotel room, yah – you’re covered! It took me about 2 minutes to take everything out, set up and start the workouts, i.e. in no time at all I was sweating it up!

I also wanted to try the XBAR outside and see just how the sturdy the gripped bar and bases really were, so I drove to Laguna Beach, picked a nice grassy area overlooking the water and unpacked my cinch sack. I did sets of lunges and squats for my legs and butt, a variety of core strengthening exercises, bicep and triceps curls, shoulder presses and even finished with a few yoga postures to slow it down and stretch it out. I was really impressed at how sturdy I felt on the bar, the good quality of the resistance bands and how you really can hit every muscle literally anywhere in the world. So when XBAR says it’s “The World’s most complete portable fitness system,” they’ve got my vote because it really is!

XBAR Fitness creator and snowboard legend, Damian Sanders has partnered with us OC Mom’s to try XBAR out and provide feedback really…yes, that’s right, they want YOUR feedback!

We’re giving away 1 XBAR to one lucky reader THIS WEEK on our Facebook page. The lucky winner will get to put XBAR to the test in their small apartment, office floor, upcoming Spring Break vacation or wherever you want to put XBAR to the challenge. Hurry…giveaway is ending soon!!

For more information, please visit

Nicole Sebring is a young professional who loves to travel, stay fit and live life to its fullest. She’s a true California beach girl, with a passion for the ocean and enjoys surfing, paddle boarding & diving. As a Sr. Visual Merchandising Manager for the action sports retailer, Tilly’s, she’s on the pulse of fashion, music and pop culture. Nicole has a close relationship with her mom, Darice Sebring, who also blogs for
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