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My New Fav Word…Yogasmoga

We attended as a guest of the venue


There’s a new addition to the Fashion Island block, an innovative, philanthropic, athletic retailer, Yogasmoga. Himalayan natives, brother, Rishi and Sister, Tapasya, created a brand that combines their yoga roots with their high fashion aesthetic. Their designs are timeless, produced with the highest quality in technical fabrics and not just for practicing yoga, but for everyday life.


Yogasmoga listens to their consumer and often takes suggestions from them into actual full production. With their designers and manufactures in Long Beach, California, their turnaround is fast. Not to be confused with fast fashion, Yogasmoga prides itself in handpicking, non-chemical treated fabrics and morphing them into classic silhouettes that flatter both men and women of all ages. They cater to sizes 0 to 14 and understand the difference with all body types. They use non-pilling, high quality strength advanced wicking materials that won’t color fade. It’s everyday wear for active people that want comfort, fit technology and style.


They’ve founded NAMASKÁR, a foundation that gives back to the remote villages of the Himalayas. Natives hand weave colorful bracelets that are sold for $10 each and net proceeds of all sales are donated to NAMASKÁR.


YOGASMOGA has coordinated the manufacture and sales of hand woven bracelets that are being made on handlooms in remote villages of the Himalayas. These hand woven bracelets are sold by YOGASMOGA for $10 and Net Proceeds of all sales will be donated to the NAMASKÁR FOUNDATION.
Walking into their new space, I was greeted with 2 yogi’s practicing Ashtanga Yoga. Their movements alone, made me want to walk in and shop! The grand opening was full of energy, people and lots of congratulations to Yogasmoga’s brother and sister founders. This was their night and they were bubbly with champagne and smiling from ear to ear. Their passion and love for their brand was contagious.



I asked founder, Rishi, how they came up with such a kitschy name and he replied “Growing up our mother always rhymed, which is a traditional Indian past time. She would say “Do you want any ChaiThai” or “Let’s Yogasmoga”. And with the “yo” in Hindi meaning “you and who you are as a person”, representing ourselves and our heritage came naturally.”


I’m an avid fitness fanatic and always enjoy shopping for work out wear, heck when you wear it every day, you have to! With the high competition out there, I walked away that evening thinking of all the good things Yogasmoga provides for their consumers and for our world. I don’t mean that in a cheesy aspect, but a true genuine manner. They really do give back in a multitude of ways on top of offering high quality materials in on trend designs. This fitnesskittness is captivated by Yogasmoga!

Nicole Downing is a young professional who loves to travel, stay fit and live life to its fullest. Nicole and her husband are proud parents to Waffle, their adorable kitten and one day hope to start a family in their Dana Point home. As a senior visual manager for Tilly’s HQ, she’s on the pulse of fashion, music and pop culture.
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